There’s no need for a debate to prove the fact that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in the world. With the help of WhatsApp, you can easily communicate with your friends and family. In fact, the app is not just limited to chit chat, you can send various media files as well. Above all, there are over billions of WhatsApp users worldwide. After the Facebook acquired WhatsApp there has been massive changes into their app features and design language. Their popularity is adamant which made people to join the smartphone just to experience their application. If we compare their services from other instant messaging apps then they are far ahead of the game. So let us know what makes this app so popular and successful among the people.

First in the industry

Well, you might say that Facebook and Skype were there. But their main feature was focusing on different purposes. On the other hand, WhatsApp was a completely new attempt into the instant messaging market. WhatsApp was only meant for simple texting nothing fancy like Video calling or social networking. Moreover, in those people only had 2G connections in their mobile. So automatically this would eliminate the use of video calling in such slower network. Thus, instant messaging was the new thing.

WhatsApp killed SMS

Remember those days when your telephone provider used to charge you a lot for using SMS? Today, SMS has become obsolete. In fact, we don’t use SMS for communication anymore. SMS only helps us to store OTA and passwords. Moreover, what’s app doesn’t prohibit any word limit. Thus, you are free to write any amount you like in WhatsApp. However, SMS always restricts to follow certain word limit. Presently, the majority have got working internet connection in their mobile. Therefore, people have chosen WhatsApp over traditional SMS.

Instant messaging was their primary motive

As I said before WhatsApp only focused on Instant messaging over anything fancy. This further enables compatibility even in the lowest end devices without any camera. People had better access to WhatsApp instead of Skype.

Our phone number is our identity

This was a major breakthrough to ensure lesser fake accounts. WhatsApp only requires your phone number for verification. On the other hand, all the other social networking sites requires your email address along with your user names. Above all, this makes it easier to create accounts for the beginners.

It is a multiplatform messaging app

From the very beginning of the app. It was well optimized with every device in the market. This allowed zero compatibility issues with the major operating systems like Symbian, Bada, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Android, iOS etc. Therefore, having more potential customers they are always ahead of the game than any other instant messaging apps.

A feature rich app

Well I know it was only focusing over basic texting in the earlier phase. But you have to admit they have been introducing tons of features into their application. Firstly, the group chat feature was a major breakthrough in the social network industry. Then came voice calling and video calling, further eliminating Skype and voice calls.

A completely mobile app

From the launch of WhatsApp, they have been primarily focusing on mobile devices. On the other hand, competitors like Skype and Facebook were focusing more on the PC market. However, in the recent years there has been massive boom in the smartphone market. This led to a huge decline in PC users and rise in mobile users. Ultimately, increasing popularity of the app among mobile users. While Skype and Facebook remained PC oriented.



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