It is 2018 and we are still relying on fossil fuel to propel our vehicles. We have invented so many things over the last century. Computers, mobile phones, internet, nuclear energy and even space travel. But we unable to change our fuels so far. Over the 100 years fossil have been the main fuel to propel any vehicle. Be it a car, bus or a bike. Above all, we might have changed the type of fossil fuel towards more efficient fuels like CNG and LPG. However, things are exactly the same when it all comes from the fossil than anything else.

What are the problems?

Fossil fuel may provide very instant and handy energy to us. But the consequences are worse. First, burning of fossil fuel causes air pollution which might cause ozone layer depletion. Second, the reserves of fossil fuels are very limited. It takes millions of years for fossils to convert into fuel. In the end we are about the see a massive shortage of fuel. This shortage will directly affect the price of every good and service as the majority of the vehicles are powered by fossil fuels.

Why there’s no invention yet?

It is true that we don’t have anything to completely resolve this problem. However, there have been researches conducted by scientist to discover some alternative in a wide scale. Nikola Tesla once discovered fee electricity. However, the power companies suppressed him due to high greed. Similarly, the middle eastern are also dominating the fossil fuel business. These countries have the highest amount of oil wells which made them so rich within a few years. However, it is an undeniable truth that once the oil reserves are extinguished their economies will also fall. No country in the world wants or dares to fund a project which will stop a billion-dollar industry. That’s the biggest problem in developing an alternative to cleaner energy.

There are alternatives

It is true that we have electric powered vehicles which can save our environment without relying on fossil fuel.



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