If you turn on your TV, then you will see the entire world is full of crimes. There’s a gun violence every month in America. While you must be familiar of the situation of middle eastern countries. There are many countries where you are most likely to get robbed, killed in violence. While some countries are full of thieves. In this case, you can’t leave your bicycle open for a while. As it is likely to get stolen. In this ruckus of crimes and violence there are few countries where you are least likely to get hurt, raped, robbed etc. We have created a list of top 5 countries with lowest crime rates.


Denmark is so safe that its citizens feel that they can relax on the street during night. Interestingly, their murder rate is remarkably low at 5th in the entire OECD. Additionally, the country almost never heard of street violence or any kind of drug cartel. The country has been the targets of few terror groups like Al-Qaida and ISIS. But thankfully there hasn’t been any major casualties from their attacks. Moreover, the country is also famous as the happiest capital city in the world. Book your tickets to this country now and feel safe.


Iceland has a remarkably low population as compared with other European nations. With a population of about 323,000 Iceland stands at the 4th spot in our list. There are very few cases of any crime in the country. In fact, you will be shocked to know that there are practically no police patrolling on their streets. Despite of that, any kind of violence is practically unknown in the region. People also boast that they can leave their doors unlocked while leave their home is also true.


Japan was a notorious country before the Second World War. But everything got changed after the Atomic bomb episode in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Presently, their murder rate is the third lowest in the OECD. There has been a massive drop in crime rates after 1945. In fact, Tokyo is famous as the safest country in the world. While Osaka ranks 3rd safest in this list. However, Japan maybe be free of any kind human violence but nature’s wrath is adamant in this country. As the country faces various natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.


Luxembourg is one of the smallest country in Europe. While they are also super rich. They have the lowest murder rate in the entire of the OECD. The country may have faced various armed robberies in 2015. But the mostly the country remains safe for its citizens. This mainly due to low poverty rates in this country. In fact, Luxembourg stands at 6th position in highest per. Most of its citizens enjoy high quality of life with less troubles. Presently, Luxembourg is also fighting against ISIS along with other European nations and members of the UN.


Welcome to the safest country on the planet. With a decent population of 5.3 million people it is really remarkable that this nation is almost crime free. The country faces only a few cases of homicides, robberies etc. Presently, cyber-crimes are the only challenge to its government. While you will be amazed to know that unlike Japan this country is free of any kind natural disasters in the recent past. It’s clean and livable for almost anyone around the world. The government have strict rules to ensure cleanliness around the country. Accordingly, they have also banned chewing gum. Singapore is also a major economy in Asia.


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