It almost took a long span of 2000 years to find out the fact that our planet is spherical in nature. Many scientists and explorers tried to proof the theory of a round Earth. However, some of the even died or faced exile from their country. It was the 20th century when the most value evidence was given to us when humans stepped into age of space travel. It was then the humans got to prove with pictures that Earth is not flat. Our planet mainly comprises of soil, rocks, water and some gasses Together these elements helps to support every kind of lifeform in the planet. The ecosystem is the main thing which holds up so many lifeforms together intact. The air we breathe today consists of many gasses. However, it oxygen for animals and carbon dioxide for plants which supports life.

Dissecting the planet:

If you take an onion in your hand you will find that it has many layers. Similarly, our earth is also made up of multiple layers. It took millions of years for the earth’s surface to become habitable for its inhabitants. During the formation of our planet it was not possible to support any kind of live form. Only bacteria and some viruses were there to live. Later, after millions of years the earth’s surface started to cool down. As a result, many lifeforms started to grow.

Layers of our Planet


The top most layer of our planet is commonly known as the crust. It is only place where all the lifeforms are inhabited. It is a depth of about 40 km, you might think that this depth is too high. However, when you compare this figure to the diameter of our planet which roughly 12,700 km. Then, the figure is absolutely nothing. This layer is mainly made up of solid rocks.


The second layer beneath the Earth’s crust is known as the Mantle. This layer has an immense depth of 2900 km, which quite enough if we compare it to the depth of crust. In this layer there are only solid and molten rocks.


This is hottest part of Earth. It is also the most furious part of our planet. In fact, this layer is primarily made up of dangerous gasses, nickel and iron. You will find a temperature as high as 5000 degree Celsius.

The discovery of Earth’s shape

From ages it was a popular believe that our Earth was flat and you will fall you reach its corners. However, flat earth theory was challenged brilliantly when people realize the fact you can’t see the ships when they reach the horizon. To give more research and time to this theory many explorers went on a sail on their ships. As a result, every single experienced the same thing, they didn’t fall from the edge or our earth. In fact, there was no edge at all. Only a few understood the logical explanation to this happening. They understood that our Earth was flat. Lastly, it was the year of 1552 when Ferdinand Magellan was able go on an expedition to discover the fact that our planet was not flat. He was the first person to sail across our Earth.



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