The Fall of the USSR - What caused the fall of the soviet union

The Fall of the USSR: The 20th century remarked the rise and fall of USSR. After successfully eliminating the Tsar reign communism was established immediately with the crude measure. It was the transition from private property to state-owned property. In the age of socialism, everything was manufactured in the country itself. Still, the Soviet Union was progressing quite well. Above all, the ideals of Marxism were working well in Lenin’s reign. However, everything was changed upside when the cruel dictator Joseph Stalin came to rule the country. It was him who sent countless innocent people to Gulag without any particular reason. And, the one who went to Gulag never made back to the country. Even after the second world war, the Soviet Union was quite progressing in every term. So, let’s Discuss What caused the fall of the soviet union?

The Fall of the USSR – What caused the fall of the soviet union?

The development in the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was progressive from the very beginning. It had established a perfect steel industry which was manufacturing tons of steel every day. In fact, Russia was the first country to open the door to space travel. Yuri Gagarin became the first person to ever travel in the space. The nation was also making medical advances.

The rivalry with the US

Everything wrong started when the rivalry with the US began. It was the end of the second world when Russia invaded Germany and hoisted their flag. On the other hand, the US on the western border of Germany hoister their flag. The arms race began from this point as both countries were the most powerful countries in the world. It became clear that a new kind of war has started. Later, this rivalry was known as the cold war. This was a war without any military confrontation. The biggest crisis took place in the Cuban missile crisis when USSR planted their nuclear warhead in Cuba. After a huge diplomatic talk between the two nations, Russia agreed to remove their missiles from Cuba.

USSR and expense

The Soviet Union wasn’t earning much after the second world war. It was losing the countless amount of money in order to compete with the US. They were putting more money on the defence budget instead of providing real productive jobs. As a result, the infrastructure remained in continuous depth. While the country remained isolated from the world. Meanwhile, there was a continuous nuclear race between the 2 countries. Day after day both the countries were conducting nuclear tests to test their nuclear warhead. In fact, today also Russia is a country with the highest number of nuclear warheads.

What about the USA?

On the other hand, the USA was a capitalist country, so it managed to make money out of trade and business. USSR wasn’t doing particularly well in its last days. The majority of the people were poor and living a sub-standard life. The productivity also went to the lowest when there was too less to invest in anything. It was Michael Gorbachev who introduced immediate reforms to change the conditions of his country. He introduced a more open economy which supports trade with other countries

The disintegration

The majority of the countries with USSR broke their alliance and became independent countries. As a result, the economy became even worse than before as now the resources were allocated. However, later with the modern economic policy, the country was able to stand again to create modern-day Russia.

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