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Today, our roads are full of the iconic sound that comes directly into our ear. One can easily differentiate the sound from any other regular motorcycle. The Royal Enfield truly has a unique appeal in the motorcycle industry. Over the past 10 years, their sales have been reached the sky like no one else. In fact, their bikes have truly become a status symbol in India. Moreover, their presence is so immense that the people who can’t afford their bike try to tune their normal bike’s exhaust note. So let’s talk about some factors that have been contributing to the success of Royal Enfield.

The Indian factor:

Even though the company has its deep roots in the UK. But later (1967), the brand completely got a transformation into an Indian brand. Presently, the main headquarters are located in Chennai. Ultimately, giving folks the impression of nationalism. Furthermore, the majority of the parts are handmade and completely assembled in India.

Cult fan following:

Their popularity in the motorcycle industry ultimately leads to a chain reaction of customers. Everyone under the influence of the people who are already the owner of the bike. That’s why they are able to attain millions of die-hard fanboys in their favour. Undoubtedly, there are only a few brands for which the customers can wait up to 8 months.

Motorcycles are replaceable but an Enfield is not:

Alright, this doesn’t mean that their motorcycles get stuck like leeches. It is instead their presence and quality. No one wants to leave their Royal Enfield and go for some other motorcycle. Even after being a customer of Enfield of years, they adore it like the day one. Moreover, their robust build quality and reliability make it stay longer than any other bike. In fact, these bikes are becoming an antique piece and collector’s item for the enthusiasts.

The company is doing well in the international market as well:

Their growth is steadily increasing even in the global market. In fact, they have even surpassed the growth rate of Harley Davidson. Presently, people usually wait till 5 months for the delivery of their bike because of high demand. The company has reached over 40 nations with their products over the last decade. Royal Enfield is undoubtedly giving a hard competition to the international giants as well.

The wide range of official merchandise:

You must know the fact that large companies always promote their merchandise to market their real product. This helps to maintain a fan base among the people. For example, WWE, they market their action figures, t-shirts to their fans to win more potential viewers for the show. Royal Enfield is also trying to do a similar thing over the years. They have been marketing many products like jackets, trousers, helmets etc to promote their bike division.

Rider Mania & Himalayan Odyssey expeditions:

Usually, a motorcycle is mainly for some casual navigation throughout the city. However, the case is very different with any Royal Enfield. They are standing like the Land Rover of the biking industry. An Enfield gives you the true potential to cruise beyond the city. For this reason, there are many rider groups in India. They are popular for cruising into some remote locations like Ladakh with their Enfield. Above all, their cruising goals have been creating a nice and friendly community in India. Now travellers and enthusiasts can travel and join these friendly groups.

No TV advertisement policy:

In the past decade, they haven’t rolled a single advertisement into our Television. As their success and popularity are enough to show themselves. However, they only marketed themselves in some automotive magazines establishing interest among the real enthusiasts only.

They won in TT Race:

Royal Enfield is the single Indian company that took participation in TT race and won. No other Indian bike company can stand against their legacy.

The celebrity factor:

Have you ever seen a celebrity to ride an Indian motorcycle on the streets? Well, the answer will absolutely remain a big ‘No’. Perhaps the majority of them never ridden a bike before. However, some are seen riding some international brands. But let me tell you Royal Enfield is an only exception in this argument. Famous celebrities are often spotted riding an Enfield. Shahrukh Khan has ridden an Enfield in his famous Bollywood movie ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. Mainly, the pride factor plays a crucial role in the popularity of the company.

Royal Enfield a part of the Indian Army:

This is undoubtedly the most important point that contributes to huge sales. Over the last decade, our Indian army has shown loyalty towards Enfield. And has used their bikes on the tough battlefield as well. The immense masculine stance of the bike makes it ideal for the Indian army. Additionally, it shares the ‘made in India’ factor to its brand.

So this is it, now you know the reasons why you are becoming habitual of listening to that loud noise on the road every day. We might say that this legacy will continue in the upcoming years. The people are more interested in their in house brand rather than foreign makers. Royal Enfield has truly become the heart of the Indian motorbike enthusiasts. Not by just being a daily driver, bikes by Enfield are more capable of going anywhere across the country. Their popularity is so huge that they have more demand than they are capable to manufacture. The Japanese motors are the toughest competitors to Royal Enfield in India. However, Enfield has created its own category itself.

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