Strongest Military Powers in the world

A military is required for defending a country from intruders and attackers. And it additionally helps in establishing a country’s social, economic, strategic, external and internal interests. Furthermore, a military is very helpful in a situation of natural disasters like an earthquake or a flood. Every nation allots a certain budget for its military. And this budget is spent in acquiring weaponry, recruiting soldiers and ration. With over 200 countries over the world. Every country needs a military force to ensure the proper security to its citizens from any foreign country. I have compiled an interesting list of most powerful military nations in the world( Strongest Military Powers in the world ). Furthermore, I have only taken their raw military power, not their immense Nuclear arsenals.

  • Turkey: 

Despite the tragic fall of Ottoman Empire in the First World War. Turkey manages to grab the respectable tenth spot in our list with over 410,000 active troops. In addition to that, they carry almost 185,630 Turks in their reserve. Presently, the Turkish government has an expenditure of over 18.2 million USD on their military budget. Recently, they were facing an ideological conflict with Syria and Kurdistan. Furthermore, Turkey stands as a loyal member of NATO. They played a crucial role in the Afghanistan war. The USA has also started supporting Turkey in the recent years.

  • Japan: 

Japan is often regarded as the symbol of peace. However, with its modern technology and massive arsenal of weapons. It has managed to grab the 9th spot in our list. You must be very aware that Japan had to face the catastrophic effects of the Second World War. They really have agonized a lot to recover from the fresh wounds of the war. But Japan is also the soil of rising sun. Presently, the country faces various threats from its aggressive neighbors like North Korea.

Furthermore, the country often faces the atrocities of natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. Presently, the Japanese government is spending about 127.2 billion USD on its defense budget. Japan has over 247,000 active forces in its arsenal with 57,900 reserved Japanese. Furthermore, the country manages to rank 5th in respect of air force strength. They hold 1,595 air crafts and 131 naval ships to protect the sea. However, their Japan’s policy is to maintain peace over aggression. 9th position in Strongest Military Powers in the world.

  • Germany: 

Germany is world famous for its mechanical engineering. There’s no wonder how they stood well in the Second World War against the vast powerful allies. In fact, you can witness their engineering dominance in the world automotive industry. Presently, Germany is spending over 45 billion dollars on their defense budget. And they got over 185,000 active soldiers ready to deploy. Along with about 145,000 soldiers in their reserve. Furthermore, their army is equipped with the cutting edge best in class weaponry. Germany holds over 663 Jets, 355 Helicopters. Along with about 5869 advanced tanks to defend their borders.

  • South Korea: 

There’s no confusion in the fact that South Korea stands as the most progressive and literate country in the world. Unlike their close neighbor North Korea, South Korea defines itself in various technological advances. But they are still facing threats from very hostile North Korea. Therefore, they need to ensure proper defense security against the North Korea. South Korea spends over 34 billion USD on their military and defense budget. As a result, South Korea has over 640,000 active troops with a whopping 2,900,000 in reserve. Furthermore, the country holds over 1,400 aircraft which makes them stand as the World’s sixth largest air force. Presently, USA is their strong strategically and provides them with weaponry supply.

  • France: 

France fought quite bravely in the devastating Second World War. However, they had to surrender against the strong German Nazi forces. Presently, France stands as the fourth strongest Nuclear power of the world. They can independently test their nuclear weapons without any foreign assistance. France has over 202,761 active troops with over 195,700 in their reserves. Additionally, for their infantry forces, they hold over 423 tanks, 257 aircraft along with 46 helicopters for warfare. Finally, France is spending over 43 billion USD of its economy over its military forces.

  • United Kingdom: 

The United Kingdom surely could have ranked better on our list. As their government had downsized their expenses on the defense. But the country still manages to grab a good spot in our list with over 146,980 active troops and over 182,000 in their reserve. United Kingdom comes equipped with advanced technologies like tanks, artillery, SPG, and MLRS. Furthermore, they hold over 936 Aircraft, 89 interceptors, 402 helicopters. Interestingly, their naval forces are recognized to be one of the best in the world. United Kingdom has very healthy relations with the USA in terms of military and economic forces. United Kindom has given the demonstration of its power in the Afghanistan War and Iraq war. 5th Strongest Military Powers in the world.

  • India: 

India holds the major strategic advantage due to its unique geographical location. The government of India is increasing the defense budget day by day. Soon, India will also stand as a super power. Presently, the Indian Government is spending about 46 million USD on its defense budget. Furthermore, India stands as largest importer of infantry in the world. It imports weaponry from USA, Russia, Israel etc. Moreover, the country is facing various conflicts with its neighboring country Pakistan in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Moreover, the country faces also faces dangerous internal threats in the Kashmir region. India has got over 1,325,000 active military troops and 2,143,000 in their reserve. And the country holds over 6,464 tanks and 761 fighter jet aircrafts. Finally, India on the 4th position in our list of Strongest Military Powers in the world.

  • China: 

China is famous as the most populous country in the world. As a result, they hold over 2,333,000 ready to deploy active troops and over 2,300,000 in their reserve. Presently, China has successfully become the largest economy in the world. Over the last years, China has also been increasing their defense budget with 12.2%. In fact, they now are spending about 126 billion USD on their defense program. China has tensed and serious relationships with India, Japan, Philippines. As a result, China holds over 9150 tanks, 1311 aircraft, and 196 helicopters. It won’t be surprising that in the future China will stand as the most powerful force in the world because of its huge economy.

  • Russia: 

Russia may have lost power after the disintegration of the Soviet Union after the Cold War. But still, it is a strong country when it comes to military power. That’s why Russia has managed to grab the second position in our list. Russia has over 2,485,000 soldiers in reserve and over 766,055 active troops under its arsenal. Furthermore, Russia is world famous for its massive tanks, they hold over 15,398 tanks. Additionally, Russia is very strong and advanced in the air with over 1,305 aircraft, 111 helicopters.

Presently, the government of Russia spends over 76.6 billion USD in its defense and military program. Russia is also one of the largest weapons producer and exporters similar to USA and Israel. Furthermore, by change we start counting their Nuclear arsenal then surely they will trump everyone. Russia faces constant conflicts with the Islamic nations due to terrorism. President Putin is thinking to increase its military budget over upcoming years.

  • United States of America: Strongest Military Powers in the world

America presently stands as the largest exporter of weapons all over the world. The United States of America has been in numerous conflicts. Mainly, ranging from both world wars, Afghan war, Japan war, and Iraq war. In fact, USA have won almost every single war except the bloody war of Vietnam. As a result, the country spends a jaw dropping amount of 612 billion USD in their defense program. They are having over 1,400,000 active personnel to defend their borders and about 1,100,000 in their reserve. Furthermore, USA is equipping up with the cutting edge technologies in the world. As they hold over 8,848 tanks, 13,892 aircraft, 6196 helicopters. And their naval strength is unbeatable. They got 62 destroyers, 72 submarines, 13 defense crafts and 11 mine warfare arsenals. However, they stand second place when it comes to Nuclear arsenal.



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