It is the 21st century and the means of producing energy has changed a lot. With the rising fuel prices, everyone is looking for better alternatives. On one hand, there are limited reserves of fossil fuels. On the other hand, the burning of fossil fuels causes pollution. With polluted cities like Delhi and Shanghai, we are jumping into a huge crisis. It high time to find alternative solutions to get a cleaner form of energy.

In the past solar energy has been very expensive in nature to set up. The initial setup used to cost a lot which eventually became more expensive than fossil fuels. However, times have changed rapidly. Nowadays even the government is using solar panels at public places to generate electricity. You could easily spot solar panels at Metro stations, universities and some schools. This saves a lot of energy in the long run.

Sun has unlimited energy

Okay, you might say that everything has its end. Even the most rigid things have their end, the sun has its end as well. However, you are not going to witness the end as it might take billions of years for the sun to extinguish its power. The sun roughly takes 8 minutes to reach our planet every day and this power is not going anywhere soon. The continuous combustion of inflammable gasses like hydrogen produces extreme levels of heat and energy. This energy could even surpass nuclear energy.

Nuclear power is dangerous

The developing and developing countries have been struggling to create the most powerful nuclear arsenal. However, no government really spent much in solar energy to generate clean fuel. It is true that with nuclear energy you can generate huge amounts of power in short time and with fewer resources. However, this power might have a fatal result. Not handling nuclear technology properly could lead to fatal disasters like the Chernobyl disaster. Moreover, handling nuclear technology requires a high level of technical proficiency and education.

The limitations of solar energy

So, far we have argued that solar power is the cleanest and less resource hungry source of generating energy. However, there are certain drawbacks to this form of energy. Our earth has a spherical shape and it revolves around the sun over the year. The sun only casts its energy on side of the planet. While the other side remains dark without light. This situation when completes its rotation every 24 hours. Thus, you don’t have 24 hours supply of sunlight to provide heat energy. This is the biggest drawback to solar energy in today’s date. However, half of the problem can be resolved by installing larger solar panels to absorb more energy in the day and bigger batteries to store more powers for the nights.


I’m saying that solar energy has zero potential. You can easily see the advances we have made over the years. “Yesterday’s rocket science is today’s consumer electronics”! But we have to progress a lot to develop more powerful batteries and better solar panels which could harvest more energy. But we all know that Solar energy is the future for sure!


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