Okay, before we begin this article I gotta ask you one question. Despite of having over 1000 friends on Facebook how many of them really interacts with you? Surely, social media has been a modern day blessing to all of us. Now with the help of social media we can easily communicate with those who are thousand miles away from us. However, we are really forgetting the basics of communication out of this virtual world. Presently, people are interacting more in the social media instead of the real world. This is really worrying when all the members of the family sits at the dinner table and uses social media.

So how this social media trend is affecting our lives?

The rise of materialism

Buying something is good. And it’s totally up to you how much you are spending to buy stuff. However, showing off your stuff is a completely different story. Today, the majority of the youth is falling for materialism. Above all, they assume the one who has to most expensive phone is coolest one. People really don’t have the necessity to buy the most expensive phone. But, just under the society’s pressure they tend to buy the most expensive stuff from the market. This trend is not just limited to mobile phone. They are also expanding this to expensive branded clothes, watches, sunglasses etc.

Peer pressure of the society

Today, the youth thinks that they must do whatever everyone else is doing. Take the Ice bucket challenge for example. At first the celebrities were doing it to raise some money for humanitarian causes. However, the majority of the youth also followed the trend while forgetting the real meaning behind the trend. You must have seen videos with vaping skills. Accordingly, people are also following that trend as well. Everyone just wants to look cool in front of the world. However, they are forgetting that they are also doing the same thing as everyone else. How can that be cool if you are the same?

No real dates

Everyone is using online dating services like Tinder. They expect that they will meet their soul mate just with the help of an app. However, it takes more than an app to begin with. In fact, I would say that you’ll only find hookups instead of real date. That applies to both girls and boys. Moreover, meeting them in the real world can lead to serious disappointment if they don’t match up to your expectations.

Digital suicide

This is new term of the modern times. It denotes one’s isolation from the social life. Now days people would just remove their profile picture just to show that they are upset. In return many people would just give them fake condolences instead of helping them out in real.

We are losing our hobbies

There was a time when people use to spend their time doing something productive or creative. However, time has changed everything. People say that Social media is their hobby. Although it is certainly not productive unless you are generating money from it. Ultimately, people are losing their talents and skills in the chase of social networking.

Inferiority complex is growing

Well, humans were very conscious about their looks from the beginning. However, the rise of social media has been increasing this to the next levels. Everyone wants to have a perfect body to flaunt themselves in their social media. However, not everyone is very fortune to have a perfect body that meets society’s ideal nature. Some people are fat while some are skinny. These people face the real inferiority complex when they use social media.



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