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The Entire Globe is full of beautiful places, many with wonderful stories to tell. But what can be said about the spots that glow with hedonistic promise all over the day? And come charging to life after sundown? You know what I am saying: the creative party cocktails, amazing scenery and sun-kissed bodies a plenty. Yes, you can visit Paris for fashion, the Mayan ruins of their exciting historical value and New York City for its pulsating energy. When this comes to all that sizzles with capital “S” these sexy locations are hard to beat: (Sexiest Travel Destinations)

South Beach, Florida

With its pastel-colored façades, legendary neon signs, beach-body sun worshippers and a popular nightlife scene. South Beach reigns substantial as the party capital on the western side of the Atlantic. Superstars, trendsetters, and curious viewers alike flock to this beachfront community to live the “Vida Loca” on a grander scale. Spend your days frolicking on the palm tree-lined islands then shop for colorful effective garments only found in Miami. When darkness falls, leave your modesty at the house, dress to make an impression, and prepare for wild nights at any (or all) of the fashionista hangouts all-around town. South beach, Florida is one of my favorite Sexiest Travel Destinations.

South Beach, Florida Miami Travel Guide Sutta News
South Beach, Florida

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech has experienced a positive evolution in the last years; from a traditional destination –with a rather seedy nighttime atmosphere — to a classy and elegant community of jet setters. Only a few hours from the legendary Sahara Desert, guests can indulge in the curious duality of this landmark Moroccan vacation destination: traditional marketplaces, mosques, and wonderful landscapes on one side and a modern array of dazzling eating places, bars and clubs on the other. Be prepare to pay for your revelry, as with this rise in attractiveness comes a rapid increase in the alcohol consumption and other decadent goodies.

Marrakech, Morocco #SuttaNews

Anguilla, Caribbean

Anguilla is made up of 33 wonderful beaches surrounding the Caribbean coastline. There is never an overburden of tourists or a big “party scene” and casinos are totally forbidden. So what is the allure you might ask all by yourself? For starters, you can take a bizarre skinny-dip in the pristine but secluded waters or gyrate your hips to the hypnotic metallic drum music playing live at the best local pubs. And if you happen to find yourself alone in this fantasy-like atmosphere maybe you’ll get lucky and have the chance to engage in some heavy-duty stargazing – of the Hollywood variety that is.

Anguilla, Caribbean SuttaNews
Wonderful Life @Anguilla, Caribbean

Hvar, Croatia

Don’t let the attractive moving, rolling hills and calm, clear waters fool you. Hvar’s gorgeous clientele and party all night atmosphere is rival that of the popular Ibiza. This lovely island gem – probably the most wonderful on the Adriatic Sea – features breathtaking beaches, charming ancient streets, an immense seafront viewpoint and a slew of trendy nightspots fashioned to make you drink and dance until you drop – usually on that Croatian cutie you were eyeing all night. Our team visited Hvar, Croatia last year and it was Sexiest Travel Destinations of the world.

Hvar, Croatia

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Despite the fact that not as lively as its famous neighbor Cancún, Playa del Carmen has a fragile appeal all its own. Located at the center of the beautiful Mayan Riviera, this charming coastal resort boasts inviting hot seaside surroundings complete with fire shows and moonlight serenades. Even though the night clubs are large and festive like in other parts of Mexico, the local bars are provocative and quiet enough to allow you to engage in helpful conversation while sipping on native tropical cocktails.

Playa del Carmen Mexico Sexiest Travel Destinations of the world
Playa del Carmen, Mexico


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