Have you ever faced a reckless driver driving recklessly on the streets?  I’m sure that you have seen a lunatic guy driving 100 Kilometers per hour in a congested road. In the digital age of fast technology like internet, everyone wants to travel at lightning pace. This pace and urgency has taken a dangerous turn. In fact, we are witnessing a countless road accidents and deaths every year. The death tolls are increasing rapidly than ever before. The majority of the accidents includes a youngster who is fond of speeding. The situation is so worse that people are getting used to drinking and driving.

The solution: Self Driving cars

We humans are progressing faster than ever before. Yesterday’s rocket science has become today’s consumer electronic. It was just few years back when we were talking about robot colonies and world domination in our sci-fi movies. Today it looks that we just few years away from making it a reality with our progress. Yes, self-driving cars are soon to become a consumer product. Big companies like Google, Tesla and Apple are testing their self-driving cars for consumers. The future of self-driving is almost arriving to your convenience. Think about a day when you to the pub on your car and drink couple of beer to get a decent hangover. Now you can’t back to your home driving your car on your own. However, this is not the thing with self-driving cars as they drive themselves.

With the advanced technologies like GPS, radar guidance, and pedestrian detection self-driving cars are much safer than regular cars. There’s almost zero scope of human errors in self-driving cars which is a very good thing when you consider the number of accidents taking place every year.

Where this will begin first

The only companies with experience in robotics, technology, and space science are taking part in this revolution. Companies like Tesla and Google are the primary developer of self-driving cars. Thus, these cars are expected to be electric powered instead of gasoline powered. Companies like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi are only focusing on improving the regular cars with their driving aids like automatic breaking, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, collision alert etc. However, Google and Tesla are taking a completely new attempt to automate the automobile. Google with their Robotics (Boston Dynamics) division and Tesla with their Space agency (SpaceEx) are developing their own self-driving cars. Google has a largest advantage in this industry as they already lead the Digital maps industry.

Why it won’t work soon

It has been over 100 years that we are dependent on regular cars to commute. From long tours to city travelling everyone is quite habitual of the regular cars and their controls. If you say to immediately adapt the new technology then you won’t see any quick results. In fact, it would years to bring the Self-driving cars to the road even if their development is done. Only the rich will own these cars first not the common man.  Any breach in the cyber security of these cars could even lead to fatal consequences. One could hack your car and make new wonders with it. We need stricter security measures for quicker adaptance of this new technology.


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