There was a time when teachers used to carry a large stick or duster to beat the kids. As a part of punishment kids were given hard slaps and beatings from sticks. Some cases have been more severe, which even resulted to death. This is not an ideal definition of school. In fact, this definition goes perfectly with prison. Schools are not teaching children they manufacturing them as they want. Even if you take the standard syllabus from any school, you will notice that the curriculum is just pack of facts nothing else. Children are just mugging up facts like parrot. The better the memorizing capacity the better the marks. Skills have very less value in this system. The one who is skillful never gets the opportunity to perform.

Why is the curriculum like this?

Our current education system was established by the British. After the industrial revolution in England, everyone became more utilitarian. Education system is based on quantity rather than quality. For this reason, vocational activities like sketching are not getting enough respect. Presently, the education system is more marks oriented than anything else.

Huge competition among the schools

Schools are not just about education; they have become an endless business these days. The tuition fee in the private schools is already quite high. Plus, you will also see meaningless donations in hidden forms just to increase the revenue of the school. This thing gets even darker when admission is done by considering money instead of merit. Only the rich get the chance to get admission in the best schools. Even if you visit a school you will see that the reception counter is just like a hotel. This gives us enough signs that schools are adapting corporate culture.

What’s needed in our education system?

It is a world of globalization and digitalization. Old curriculum and old methods of teachings are not going to work anymore. We need more advanced and interactive methods like e-learning in our classrooms. Traditional chalk and black have become absolute. We need smart boards to be installed on every single school. The curriculum should be updated regularly so that the children don’t need to study current affairs from any other external source. The system should become project based instead of marks based. This give more value to real skills instead of mugging up facts.

Experiential learning should be become a part of the curriculum. Kids should get the taste of real world job in a compressed form. For example: they should be given the task of video editing, photo editing, basic app development, writing article etc. This will introduce them to upcoming career path they want to work on. Thus, when they get into the real job they won’t work like dumb.


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