While listening to some music you must have dreamt about becoming a musician. Every one of us has! In fact, we always get amazed by the power and meaning of our favorite music. However, do you know the list of the richest musicians in world music Industry? Maybe their net worth will inspire you to do something amazing as well. By the term ‘musician’ I want to resemble the folks who are into writing, directing, producing playing an instrument or singing. Some of them may have gained popularity in the past few years while some may have a long career of over 50 years. So without further delay let’s discuss the Richest Musicians in the world.

Cold Play:

Found in the early 1996. Cold Play is famous as one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Will Champion is the key vocalist, Chris Martin, Berryman the bassist and Johnny Buckland the guitarist are the main members of the band. Cold Play has won various music awards for their amazing performances. They hold eight Brit awards, 5 MTV video music awards, 3 world music awards, 7 Grammy wins etc. Additionally, they have sold over 85 million records. Finally, their net worth is about 475 million USD.

Sir Elton John:

A proclaimed musician, a pianist, a song writer and also an actor. Multitalented Sir Elton John is among the most recognized musician of Great Britain. As a result, he also stands as the second richest musician in the UK. In Addition, he also holds 6 Grammy awards for his outstanding performances, an Academy award with 4 Brit awards. He has an estimated net worth of about 480 million USD.

Emilio Estefan:

Born in Cuba, Emilio Estefan is a famous American musician and an actor. He is mainly popular for his films and television shows, music production. Furthermore, Emilio also been helping the Hispanic television industry with its music. He also holds the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award for his arts. Finally, his estimated net worth is approx. 500 million USD.


She is the world famous pop artist of the 90s and 2000s. In fact, people often refer Madonna as the “Queen of Pop” for her influence in the music industry. Her name is also there in the Guinness book of world records for the best-selling female artist. Madonna has won various awards for her musical creations. Finally, her estimated net worth is approximately 560 million USD.

Jay Z:

Shawn Corey is also famous as Jay Z, is an American hip hop artist. He is also works as a business man, investor and also the husband of Beyonce.. He mainly acquires his wealth by investing in clothing lines, soft drinks, TV networks, sports agency etc. Finally, his estimated net worth is approximately 610 million USD.


Started his career in the late 80s. He is surely an established rapper and a music producer of the industry. He is also an investor as he started with a hip hop group known as the N.W.A, which gave him enormous fame. Presently, he is also very famous for his Beats electronic company which manufactures Dr.Dre beats headphones. Finally, his expected net worth is approximately 710 million USD.

Sean John Combs:

Proclaimed rapper, an actor, business person and a song writer. Sean John Combs stood behind the success stories of Marie Carey, Lil Kim, Method man etc. Additionally, he holds three Grammy awards, two MTV video awards along with two Billboard awards. Finally, his estimated net worth is approximately 750 million USD.

Herbert Alpert:

Key person behind the group Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass. Herbert Alpert is a musician who won 9 Grammy wins and a Grammy lifetime. In addition, he lives under a philanthropist lifestyle, he helps by funding humanitarian and environmental projects. Finally, his estimated net worth is approximately 850 million USD.

Andrew Lloyd Webber:

He is famous as the most prosperous musical theater composer of the modern times. He holds three Grammy awards, an Oscar and various other awards. Presently, he is living a life of a philanthropist by standing for humanitarian causes like AIDS, Cancer etc. Finally, his estimated net worth is approximately 1.2 billion USD.

Sir James Paul McCartney:

With a career of over 50 years. Paul McCartney is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer along with song writer. He was the key member of the famous boy band Beatles. After disconnecting from the group he became the Richest Musician in the world. Paul McCartney holds 21 Grammy awards and various other awards. However, he mostly spends most of his wealth on donations and spends a lot in eliminating poverty, music talents. Finally, his estimated net worth is approximately 1.24 billion USD.



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