In the world of technology, it is often very confusing to buy a new piece of technology. In fact, in the case of USB flash drives it is more confusing. A USB flash drive is often used to store various kinds of media files. People use them personally and for their business as well. For this reason, it is very important to buy the legit stuff that prevents any kind of possible data loss. Presently, you’ll find USB flash drives ranging from 1GB to 128GB of storage in the consumer market.

So how do you buy a USB flash drive? Simply by looking at its storage capacity or by their brand name?

Here are some important factors that you should consider before purchasing:

 The technology

Presently, there are two kinds of technologies in the market. First, it is the normal USB 2.0. This technology was introduced in 2001. Ever since it has been very reliable and cost effective if we compare to any other technology. Second, it is the famous USB 3.0. This technology was introduced in 2009 with hope to replace the old 2.0 technology. However, both the technologies are nice in their own way. The newer USB 3.0 provides faster data transfer rate with lower power consumption. However, the newer technology costs more than the old school 2.0 USB. You can simply skip the newer technology if fast transfer rate is not your thing. In other case, try to buy USB 3.0 with faster transfer rates. However, in the recent times there has been a massive price drop in the USB 3.0 devices.

Various memory requirements

Well you also need to decide the storage capacity you need. However, note that the listed storage is not the storage available in the USB flash drive. For example, if you purchase Flash drive of 16GB then you will get 14.8 GB as free space. With this you can take look at different products are trusted online stores. Simple variants like 16 GB and 32 GB are the most popular storage variants. For this reason, you are more likely to get decent deals in these variants. However, anything above 32 GB will cost more than you have been expecting. If you opt for higher storage, then you should go for USB 3.0 instead of the classic 2.0 technology. That will allow you to transfer huge amount of data in the fastest transfer rate possible. With the USB 3.0 you can easily expect transfer rates up to 350 MBPS.

Different costs

There are tons of brands available in the market. For this reason, people often get confused what to buy. Therefore, you must compare the products online before purchasing anything. As a same product has different prices among various online retailers. However, I would say that only purchase from the trusted online stores. Not even from your local retail stores, because they might charge you more or sell you fake products. Having a proper bill is also very important to call for any kind of replacement.

The Brands and their Warranty

There are many popular brands in the USB flash drive market. Kingston, SanDisk, HP, Sony are the major player in the USB flash drives. However, SanDisk is the pioneer in every compact storage market. You should also know that these USB flash can’t be repaired. Therefore, you can only get a replacement from their respective companies. Talking about my personal experience, SanDisk is the best in terms of after sales service. Presently, most of the Flash Drives are also water resistant protecting them from any kind of water damage.



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