Have you recently seen a 14-year-old boy having a smoke near the bus stand? I bet you might have seen one. It is also possible that you know a teen who is also your acquaintance. So, do they really enjoy it a lot? Or is it something else?

Before we begin to discuss this matter we need to acknowledge today’s age. Today, we are living in a showoff world, where everyone wants to look superior than the other. The social media is primarily responsible about this one. In fact, we humans are very competitive in nature. Once we see that someone’s something better than us than we get over jealous over them. Social media gives us the feel that everyone is having a nice time. However, things are completely upside down. They might be living a pretty average or even worse life than us. We just get jealous over little and we want to be like them. As a result, this makes us loose us real identity. We start losing our own taste and adapting their taste and preference in our lives.

Peer pressure and drugs

The things have gone so worse that people have started showing off what they smoke in the evening. In fact, they start live streaming showing what kind of drugs or narcotics they are taking. This creates a peer pressure among the young. They also want to be like them. This showoff generation create a pressure that if you are not like them then you are a pathetic loser. Sadly, being abusive and alcoholic has becoming a cool factor between the young people. People are spending more on drugs/drinks/smoke than their clothes. But the consequences are rather fatal. You are destined to spend your rest of life in a rehabilitation center or prison. You can even die due to terrible health condition or overdose.

Availability of abusive substance

In third world countries like narcotics are quite easily available to the people. Even if the legal drinking age is 23 in most of the regions, minors will still find their way to the nearest liquor store. In fact, the liqor store never really asks for ID card to identify their customers. Anyone looking little manly with a little beard and mustache can sneak up to the store and buy some liquor. If take this thing one step further, then cheap drugs are also available on the streets. Mostly, they are sold by a dealer in the corners or near colleges and schools.

What are the effect of these drugs?

Surely, in the first try drugs, alcohol or smoke doesn’t feel good to our taste buds. But once you try again and again it almost feels like heaven as the drugs have taken control over your brain. You are not consuming drugs. Drugs are consuming you instead! It is just a mystical illusion that you are feeling better and strong after taking drugs. However, it starts eating your nervous system and eventually takes your sanity from you. Without medical attention you cannot overcome such addiction throughout your life. Many people have lost their life and money due to their bad habits.


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