Today we are facing huge fuel crisis. Because the Arab oil world is soon to collapse. The over dependence over the fossil fuel has made this crisis to arrive. Plus, the majority of the automobile industry is relying on petroleum products. This mean everything that we transport requires fossil fuel to propel in the first place. Scientists are continuously looking for renewable sources of energy. In this search for renewable source of energy comes the Wind energy. Just like Solar energy it is readily available in windy regions around the world. Here are some interesting facts about wind energy that will enlighten your mind.

  • Rural Areas are best for fitting wind energy

Well, yea to be fair any rural area has sufficient space to install windmills. Moreover, these kinds of landscape have decent amount of wind to propel the windmill as well. The continuous source of wind helps the windmill to generate the maximum amount of energy efficiently. However, installing the windmill in an isolated place is a really good idea. This due to the fact that Windmills are generally noisy while operating.

  • Wind energy and its main adopters

Wind energy is renewable. This is we know from the beginning. However, wind energy is also a clean form of energy. It doesn’t produce any kind of emissions while generating electricity. For this reason, the majority of the European nations have been adapting wind energy. Over the years they have been trying to eliminate the harmful gases from their environment. Therefore, this form of energy also ensures clean environment.

  • The cost of wind energy

The startup costs may be higher. They windmill are quite expensive in the first place. However, on a long run they become really inexpensive than other options. Moreover, people often suggest that it is the best alternative of nuclear energy. As this option also eliminates the chances of any nuclear disaster as well.

  • Europe and Wind energy

The European nations are the largest consumers/generators of wind energy. There’s plenty of wind in the European countries. For this reason, the majority of the European nations have been adapting to wind energy. On the other hand, America is still relying on conventional fossil fuel.

  • Benefits of wind energy

Well I don’t need to boast about the benefits of wind energy. But it is my duty to enlighten you with the advantages of wind energy. It is best healthier alternative to generate electricity. Moreover, its renewable nature will definitely help the world in fossil fuel crisis.

  • Germany and wind power

Told you Europeans are way ahead of the game. Presently, Germany is largest producer of wind energy. They produce about 8750 Mega Watts of electricity every year. This amount is so huge that they provide that energy for free out cost to its citizens.

  • The Usage of wind energy

If a country has decent windy condition. Then that country could easily rely entirely upon wind energy. This energy is completely emission free and renewable. We can say this is completely hassle-free source to generate energy. You just need to have sufficient amount to propel the windmill in the first place.

  • America and wind energy

Wind energy is still not popular in the US unlike European nations. However, this energy will soon catch up in the region because US also have decent rural areas to propel the wind mills.

  • Wind energy for personal use

Well maybe your country still not ready to adapt for wind energy. However, by spending a little fortune you can also install small wind mill at your home. It may generate decent amount of general to power your house. Additionally, you will able to save our environment as well. And you won’t need to pay for your electricity bills as well.



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