In the modern world. The effects of technology are completely adamant. Above all, technology has been making life simpler and efficient than ever before. We cannot deny the rapid progress that we are making with the help of technology. “Yesterday’s superstition is today’s science”. However, there is a dark side to this rapid changes. Our lifestyle is heavily dependent on gadgets and the internet. This overdependence can result into serious lifestyle problems.

So how actually technology is making your life worse?

The sheep walk

Everyone wants to stay updated with the contemporary times. For this, they even follow some of stupidest trends. This has also led to materialism in the society. The majority of the people are buying the high end things just to show them off to the society. Even though there really don’t need that in the first place.

Tech is making you obese

Okay, there are many apps and smart watches that are meant to promote fitness. However, the majority of the people want to enjoy their gadgets resting on their couch. For example, the gaming community is the biggest example of this point. They tend to spend hours playing video games and doing absolutely nothing physical. As a result, the majority of the US population is suffering obesity related diseases. Everyone is just glued to their bed/couch watching TV or playing games.

We are losing our attention span

With the age of instant technology, no one actually wants to wait for a while. There has been various researches to prove this point. And every time the results were almost the same. The General attention was used to somewhere between 12 second. Presently, it has been dropping to 8 seconds. To further explain this point; people watch more cinematic adaptions rather than reading the real books. I think proper meditation is the only way to solve this problem.

We are less patient

This point further extends the above point to the next level. Technology provides the stuff at just one tap away from our fingertips. For this reason, cable TV has lost its popularity in the recent times. No one wants to see commercial breaks even for a minute. In fact, some people won’t even watch the entire movie. Instead they would just skip to the best parts of the movie.

The GPS is effecting our brain

Most of us are very aware of using GPS technology to navigate from one place to another. In fact, some of us uses it on a regular basis. However, do you know that the GPS inside your phone is really affecting your brain’s memory. Researchers have found sufficient evidence to back this point.

The loss in creativity

This thing is very clear at the beginning. We know that technology is meant to reduce our effort to some task. However, this is leading to a fall in creative thinking as technology is already there to back us up. For example, now days the singers use auto tune software for their songs instead of working on the real chords.

Change in sleep patterns

With the introduction of smartphones in the 21st century no one actually goes to bed early. Smartphone is readily available source of entertainment. Additionally, it can do whatever want it to do just at our fingertips. However, this constant source of entertainment is depriving us from our precious sleep. Presently, the majority of the teens are suffering from sleep deprivation problems. You might say that the IQ has been raising significantly. However, we are gaining it at the cost of our health. This has led to complete change in our lifestyles.


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