how to make black coffee at home without machine, prepare black coffee at home without coffee machine

How to make Black Coffee at home without machine?

Coffee is definitely the most popular beverage around the world after tea. Presently, Brazil is the largest producer of Coffee. Meanwhile in India, the southern states also produce the finest coffee grains. Coffee is the best way to kill sleepiness of our body. For this reason, the majority of office complex provides coffee to their employees. Moreover, coffee is also beneficial if you are planning to shed some extra weight from your body. Various dietitians often recommend Coffee as a dietary supplement to the people focusing on weight loose.

Today, I’m going to tell you the simplest method to prepare black coffee at your home without machine.

Get the coffee powder

Okay, there are many brands in the market. However, getting the simplest form of coffee will suffice the job for you. Nescafe is the best brand in the coffee business. However, you can also get raw coffee beans and grind them at your own.

Get a cup of water

Take a large mug for the water to begin with. Fill that cup with sufficient water. Make sure the water is clean to drink.

Bring in the heat

Okay, now to warm the water you need to put the cup inside of a microwave. 90 seconds would be quite enough to make the water warm for black coffee. However, if you don’t have a microwave oven. Then you can use a boiling pot to warm your water. Luke warm water would suffice the job for you.

Mix coffee well

Now comes the role of Coffee powder. Take 2 table spoons of coffee powder for adequate taste. Above all, you can even increase the quantity depending on your needs. On the other hand, if you are raw coffee beans then make sure to mash them up properly. Mix well with the warm water.

Add sugar according to your taste

Now for some taste you can add one tea spoon of sugar into the mug. However, try to minimize the use of sugar in your coffee. As we know that sugar is not good for our health. If you are diabetic, then try to add Sugar free capsules for artificial sweetening to the coffee. Mix well and make sure no granule remains in the pot.

It’s done

Now you can serve the coffee for anyone to drink. This is the simplest method to make black coffee at home without any machine or fuss.

Coffee is generally famous for increase the metabolism rate in our body. This means whatever you eat in the whole day gets digested quickly without affecting your body. Therefore, if weight loss is your thing then you must consider drinking black coffee on a regular basis. Congratulations!!! Now you know How to Make Black Coffee without a Coffeemaker.


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