Key elements of a democratic government, Key ideas of a democratic government

Explain the key elements of a democratic government

We all have heard the line that a democratic government is of the people, by the people and for the people. Most of us have heard this from our school days. However, the function of a democratic government is not that easy as it seems. Moreover, in a big nation with a population of million. It is not possible that everyone can take part in the decision making process of the country.

The oldest forms of democracy

The Greeks were the first to establish democratic form of government. In their system people had the role in the decision making process of their system. Moreover, their assemblies comprised of their citizens. The Roman empire is another good example of one of the first democracies in the world. It was them where people got various rights and duties for their nation.

Revolutions for democracy

Not all the kings are benevolent in nature. Although they have to duty to take care of demands of their nation. However, they often focus on increasing their personal wealth and vain splendor. Ultimately, they become ruthless to their own people muting their voices as well. As a result, revolutions take place to overthrow the authoritarian reign of their king. The French revolution is the biggest example of this kind of revolutions. People in France realized the authoritarian nature of their government. And overthrew the reign with revolution. This also led to the establishment of fundamental rights for their citizens as well. The Russian revolution is another revolution revolving around defaming the monarchy. The labor party overthrew the authoritarian reign in Russia. Therefore, people became their own boss in the end.

Modern day democracy

Today the majority of the developing and developed countries are democracy in some form. You might say that England is ruled by monarchy. But England is the only state where democracy took place for over 700 years. That is constitutional democracy for their citizens. USA is another good example for a good democratic nation. They are undoubtedly the most powerful and developed nation in the world. While on the other hand there are still many nations where monarchy is the only option. These nations are not progressing fast like the democratic nations. North Korea is the biggest example of this nature of government. People often find themselves oppressed by the authoritarian reign of Kim Jong un. Furthermore, the rigid nature of the government also blocks any kind progressive change in their nation. The same story goes with the Middle-eastern nations. They might be one of the richest community in the world. But, there are always lack of human rights in their nation. Additionally, women are always treated inferior to men. If you are in class 6 you may also consider these points in key elements of a democratic government class 6 worksheet.

Problems with democracy

Not everything comes with benefits. Democracy also have some demerits in the modern society.  Conducting the periodic elections is very expensive for a big nation. Plus, it is not necessary that everyone will participate in the voting process. Moreover, for a functional democracy education is always important. As illiterate people don’t have idea about the decision making process of their country. And, there can huge cases of corruption in the voting process of a democracy. Some parties can easily tempt the people by small bribes. We should also consider that huge majority doesn’t means that their opinion is right. For a proper functioning government, a strong opposition party is also necessary to give competition. Otherwise, it will be just similar as a dictatorship without people’s accountability.

However, the freedom of speech is the only tool which can minimize the demerits of democracy. Everyone must have the right to speak up their mind in public. So that regular challenges can be thrown to the ruling party.

So this was the list about the key elements of a democratic government. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all. we have also tried to cover key elements of a democratic government class 6 notes and key elements of a democratic government lesson plan.




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