Peters Square Vatican City

This is the smallest country in the world. However, don’t go at the size of the country. Because Vatican City is one of the most famous country in the world due to its religious significance. Above all, the city of Rome surrounds the Vatican City. With the small area of 110 acres Vatican City has a population of merely 840. But, throughout the entire year it remains a famous tourist destination among the tourists. Below are some interesting facts about the Vatican City that might enlighten your knowledge.

  • Vatican City has its own independent system

Yes, you read that right. Despite having tiny landmass and low population, Vatican City has got their own system. These components of their system are telephone system, post office, astronomical observatory, radio stations, banking systems etc. Furthermore, to ensure proper personal safety for the Pope, the Swiss guards give protection.

  • St. Peter’s Basilica

Is the most popular building in the entire Country. It was built on 4th century, then again the construction began in 16th century. However, it was constructed over the famous tomb of St. Peter. Above all, thousands of tourists visit this site every year.

  • The economy of Vatican City

They really have an independent economy despite having small land mass. Presently, their economy depends upon their printing industry, postage stamps and financial services. However, their economy is entirely non-commercial. That’s why Vatican City collects some annual tax from the Roman Catholic worshippers around the world. Moreover, most of their economy is supported by their great tourism industry.

  • Vatican City is a cultural hub

Yes, the main reason for their popularity goes to their rich culture. Famous artists like Michelangelo, Bernini stayed there and drew some of their finest creations ever. In fact, you will find plenty of museums and libraries that holds great historical and cultural importance.

  • Piazza di San Pietro

This building was designed and constructed by Bernini. Its construction was completed in 1667. Additionally, the building rises up to a 314 meters while having 240 meters’ width. Presently, it stands as the largest square in Rome. For more information, Bernini had designed more the 140 statues of saints.

  • The Vatican Guard

created in 1506 mainly by Pope Julius II. They only have a primary motive to serve as a personal bodyguard to the pope of Vatican City. However, presently they are also serving as the military of the Vatican.

  • The Swiss Guard

These are some professional guards taken from the Swiss army. However, for the eligibility the guards have a height over 1.74m along with Catholic religion. While their age must be between 19 and 30. Their training is done in the Swiss military.

  • The Pope of Vatican City

On the regular basis the Pope is elected from non-hereditary monarch. Above all, he holds the complete Judicial, executive power over the country. Furthermore, he has got the total legislative control over the Vatican State. On other words, we can say that he is only the absolute monarch in Europe in present time.

  • The Loggia of the Benediction

Loggia of the Benediction represents the balcony where the newly elected Pope stands. From this positions millions of his followers could hear his blessings to all around the world. He also bless his city and the world.

  • The Gardens in Vatican City

These Gardens resides inside the Vatican City. Above all, they take more than half their territory. They are first established during the Renaissance and Baroque era. Presently, the authority have been decorating them with Fountains and Sculptures.

Those were the facts about this amazing country. Hopefully, this article rose some of your curiosity to visit this beautiful country as well.



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