There are only a few brands which covers almost everything in electronics. They have been providing for the needs for technological devices for a household. Yes, we are talking about Samsung. Presently, they are the pioneer in the Global Smartphone market with their Galaxy devices. Above all, they are also the true torchbearer in the world of innovation. Their display panels are used in most of the smartphones around the world.

Below are some quick interesting facts about Samsung.

  • Before 1970s they were the one who were selling instant noodles. It was 1970 when they initially came into the electronic market with a Black & White TV. This meant a new beginning of global electronics brand in the upcoming future.
  • They really focus to manufacture their stuff on their own. Yes, Samsung manufactures 90 percent of their appliances on their own without taking help from other companies.
  • Samsung stands a huge worldwide employer. Presently, they operating in almost 79 countries with over 236,000 employees working under them.
  • Samsung is the real definition of innovation. At their peak they managed to manufacture Digital TVs in 1998, MP3 mobile in 99. Along with this they also created the world’s first curved display in a smartphone in 2013.
  • 2016 was a big year for the Korean giant. Samsung was able to sell over 306 million units worldwide. If we compare this sales figure to 2010. Then this is an increase of 283.1 million units.
  • Samsung has also jumped into the world of AI technology. In fact, they have been giving tough competition to programs like Cortana, Siri etc. Their S8 was the first device to ship with their Bixby software.
  • Over 54,000 Samsung employees have been receiving various courses under the supervision of Samsung’s HR division from 1993.
  • The logo you see came in 1993. Before this there were two other logos representing the company. Above all, they were created in 1969 and 1980.
  • The South Korean Air Force owes a lot to Samsung. Accordingly, most of the electronics used in the Air Force comes from Samsung. In fact, Samsung is responsible for creating the first Jet fighter, KF-16.

More facts about Samsung

  • Like all the major giants, Samsung is also stepping into the self-driven car market. Accordingly, they were given the permission to conduct tests in South Korea.
  • The Note 7 fiasco. Poor branding and research led to the catastrophe that happened to the Note 7. For this reason, Samsung had to recall over 2.5 million units back.
  • Samsung is the real torchbearer for innovation. Above all, they successfully holds over 7670 patents for their various innovations.
  • Their devices are suitable for environment as well. In fact, after 2013 all of their devices qualifies all environmental certifications.
  • Samsung came into existence in 1938. This was before any other global electronic giant. However, during their inception they didn’t focused into the electronic market.
  • Samsung is not only responsible for technology. As you know Samsung also have a construction division which takes responsibility for various famous buildings. For example, Samsung was also responsible behind the construction of Burj Khalifa.
  • Samsung has been also working for the improvement of environment. Accordingly, it is clear from a report that they spent over 4.8 billion USD to eliminate greenhouse gases.
  • Samsung gives employment than anyone else. In fact, Samsung employs over 370,000 people. Whereas, giants like Apple are only employing 80,000 people.
  • Till date their S3 from the Galaxy line up is the bestselling device. In fact, at some point they were selling over 500 units in a minute.
  • Samsung is also the pioneer in the QLED TV market. Their display panels are used by the majority of the TV manufacturers around the world.





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