The Niagara Falls is famous not only in Canada but also in various countries in the world. Over the past years it has become the primary reason to visit Canada among the tourist. People admire it for its natural and scenic beauty. However, not many people know a lot about this great natural site. Therefore, it is my duty to inform you with some of the most interesting facts about Niagara Falls.

It was an iceberg

Most of you do not know that the Niagara Falls is the result of end of the ice age. Many popular scientists have crosschecked about the origin of the Falls. Accordingly, they have been estimating that the Niagara Falls stands from 12,000 years ago. Presently, due to Global Warming this falls expands about 3 feet which quite worrying.

The tourism sector

The tourist often enjoys the scenic view of the Niagara Falls both at night and day. For this reason, you will relish on the colorful lighting in the water during nights. There’s no wonder why this site is recognized as the most famous site in entire Canada.

 Annie Taylor

Not many know about this fact. But it was Annie Taylor who first gathered the courage to conquer this falls by going to a barrier in 1901. It was very dangerous in those days without any proper equipment and gizmos. However, thankfully her life was sparred in this dangerous action. Today also tale of bravery is often narrated among the Canadian folks.

The war of 1812

The war of 1812 took place near the Niagara Falls. It was the great battle of liberation between United States and Great Britain. Above 80 percent of the battle took place near this region. However, the results of the battle were totally devastating.

Jesse Sharpe

Another woman who tried to conquer the Falls. She was only 28 years old while she was trying to conquer this dangerous falls. She was trying to use her Kayak to explore the falls in 1900. While another name named Robert tried to use her jet sky to explore the falls. Sadly, both were dead during their exploration.

Helpful in generating electricity

The falls is not just a medium of entertainment. Above all, Niagara Falls also helps in generating electricity from its quick water flow. This adds more function to this epic natural site. By the means of hydroelectricity this river can produce up to 4 million KW hour of electricity. Ultimately, making it a clean source of energy for the country to benefit.

The first Rail road suspension bridge

No doubt, Niagara Falls is very valuable asset for the Canadian government. That’s why they built the first railroad suspension bridge in 1848 just above the river. This enhances further facilities in the country.

 Brave Kirk Jones

After reading this far you must be thinking that Canadians are quite brave. Again in 2003 Kirk Jones took the risk fall himself into the Niagara Falls without any safety equipment. Shockingly, he manages to survive this deadly conquest.

Niagara Falls on the Lake

Over the year we have learned that Niagara Falls plays an important role in political system of Canada as well. Moreover, Niagara Falls is also the house to the parliament of Ontario. Here the slavery law was also passed.

The Ghent Treaty

The war between United States and Great Britain was deadly battle. Many soldiers as well as civilians lost their lives in this battle. United States being the victor in the battle signed a treaty along with GB to stop the war. It is also known as the peace of Christmas Eve.


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