You are one who travels a lot must have known the below facts about New York City. From north to south, this city presents you the best view and scenery you can ever imagine. Once you get in New York, you will feel yourself difficult to come back home. New York City, as you knew, stands as the central hub of New York Metropolitan Area. It is one of the highly populous urban city in the world. In fact, people also refer it as the City of New York mainly to distinguish it from the New York state. To know more about this city, here are some different facts about New York you may read.

Facts 1: The Island of Manhattan

Every city consists of their own foundation. Just like the other cities, Dutch explorer Peter Minuit purchased this island of Manhattan from a Algonquin tribe for some trinkets and tools worth $24.

Facts 2: First Known Name

Just like the other cities consists of their own names. The very first recognized name for the Manhattan was New Amsterdam. This was referred to the southern point of Manhattan, which was a huge Dutch trading port.

Facts 3: Average Sale Price

Mainly according to the Crain’s New York Business. Mostly, the average sticker price of an apartment in Manhattan while the fourth quarter of 2007 was about $1.49 million.

Facts 4: Yellow Cabs

 All of New York’s Cabs are yellow because John Hertz, the company’s founder, understood from a research that yellow was the simplest color for the eye to locate. Above all, I can assure that he was right.

Facts 5: 80-feet Vaults

The Federal Reserve Bank near New York’s Wall Street consists of vaults that are situated 80 feet beside the bank and consists about 25 percent of the world’s gold reserves.

Facts 6: Lowest Crime Rate

From 2005, the New York city had the lowest crime rate from the 25 largest U.S. cities. Mainly it became noticeably safer after a drop in crimes in the 1980s and early 1990s. While rest of the cities still face gun violence.

Facts 7: Restaurant and Eating Establishment

There are more than 18,600 eateries and hotels doing their business in New York City. While the average cost of a dinner in 2007, according to a Survey, was $39.43. This includes a drink, tax and the usual tip.

Facts 8: Subway Musicians

New York City’s subway musicians actually faces a ridiculous selection process. Many of the musicians have even performs at various famous venues like Carnegie Hall before navigating to the subways.

Facts 9: Holland Tunnel

The Holland Tunnel connecting New york with New Jersey, was constructed in 1927. Above all, it is one of the first ventilated tunnels in the world. This ventilation system was required to clean out vehicle exhaust and carbon dioxide created by the vehicles passing near it.

Facts 10: Education

The city’s public school system is presently managed by the New York City Department of Education. Accordingly, it is the biggest in the United States. In fact, about 1.1 million students enrolls in more than 1,200 various primary and secondary schools.

Above were the interesting facts about New York. I guess they have made you more astonished about the city. Once you visit the city, you probably don’t desire to go back home, since it has various things to attract you. Therefore, you will probably enjoy this city of metropolitan area. Finally, I hope you found those New York City facts useful for your knowledge.



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