When we talk about eating Chicken out at fast food vendor. Then KFC is first thing that comes into our mind. This fast food vendor is famous around the world for its high quality chicken. However, they not just limited to fried chicken. They are also famous for various burgers and meal combos. Above all, they are perhaps the best restaurant to try some fried chicken. Their network is spread across 115 countries around the world. Even the health focus people can’t deny the taste and value of KFC. In various countries they have been introducing their special cuisines as well. Below are some interesting facts about this fast food chain.

  • KFC came into establishment by Harland Sanders in 1930. Above all, he started it from a Route 25 petrol station. In the beginning he was calling his place as ‘Sanders Court and Café’.
  • Sanders was never into military colonel. However, he was still given the title of colonel by Ruby Lafoon along with 5000 people.
  • You must have tried their famous bucket meals. But did you know the fact that it wasn’t sold by the owner himself. In fact, it was one of his franchise who came up with the idea of selling bucket meals to the customers. Above all, the first bucket 14 chicken pieces along with five bread rolls.
  • You must know about the famous American Guitarist Bucket head. However, did you know the fact he used to wear KFC bucket on his head while performing on the stage? More specifically, the bucket had the word “funeral” inscribed on it.
  • KFC was the first food chain to hit the Chinese frontiers. KFC came to china in 1987. Presently, there are over 4563 outlets in the country. Moreover, they been introducing various regional dishes as well. For example, the tree-fungi salad is something that you’ll find only in China.
  • Colonel Harland gave up on life on 16th December 1980. Above all, governor of Kentucky, gave a huge honor to the guy waving every single flag in the Empire State building for 4 days.
  • Pete Harman was one of the friend of Colonel Harman. This guy first came up with the name “Kentucky Fried Chicken” for his store. However, he didn’t like the term very much.
  • Colonel sanders never liked the concept of deep frying his chicken items. For this reason, he decided to pan fry his products instead. However, this wasn’t that easy in those days with traditional methods. The Pressure cooker was a major breakthrough to change this. Later Sanders made it the only method to cook his products.
  • After getting quite old Sanders decided to sell his company for 2 million USD to some investors. Above all, the investors guaranteed him a permanent place in the quality control board of the company. Along with that he’s also got a lifetime salary.
  • Christmas is the most popular holiday in the western countries. Every year, KFC launches various campaigns to promote their food on this occasion. Above all, their popularity speaks itself with the sales figures during the festival. In 2015, Christmas they managed to attract over 3.6 million customers to their place.
  • It is said that the original KFC recipe was created in 1940. Above all, the recipe is still a secret from anyone.
  • At one point in 1976, Colonel Sanders was among the most recognizable celebrity.
  • In the Area 51, KFC created a huge 87500 square foot logo. In fact, you can see this logo from the space because of its size.
  • The term “fried” is often though as a negative term. For this reason, the company had to rephrase it names various times.


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