If I ask someone about the Jewish Religion. Then most of the people will recall about the catastrophe that Germany did in the Second World War. However, there’s lot more to know about this religion. Firstly, Jewish religion is famous as Judaism. In other words, it is also the philosophy and the way of life of Jewish people. Additionally, Judaism is a monotheistic religion. It was found with various foundational text along with Torah. It has various oral traditions like Midrash and Talmud. So, are feeling curious after reading this part of the article? Then proceed for the more interesting facts about the Jewish Religion.

  • The Hebrew God of Judaism

People often describe the Hebrew God as unitary and solitary. Furthermore, this belief extends, the relationship was not with any different god. Instead the relationship was the world and its citizens. This theory is quite deep; you browse the Wikipedia page to know more in-depth.

  • The Historical span of the religion

The historians and theologies’ often say that Judaism spans for over 3,000 years. In fact, it is widely believing among its followers that this religion existed from the Bronze Age in the Middle East. To back all their theories there are sufficient documents and proofs.

  • The Book of Esther

There is various mention of Judaism in the book of Esther. While reading the book you will find various terms like “Jews” and the “Children of Israel”. Furthermore, this becomes literally true because today most of the Jews live in their own nation; Israel.

  • The Jewish Population around the world

From the very beginning Judaism has been an ethnoreligious group. This means while some are born Jew while some are the people who convert into Judaism. In the recent census of 2012, it was estimated that there are about 1.4 million Jewish people in the world. That will be around 0.2 percent of the total world population.

  • The Core Tenets of Judaism

You will find various tenets in Judaism. Some of them are a matter of criticism. For example, Maimonides’s thirteen principal developed in the 12th Century. However, this tenant has been facing criticism because people believe that it doesn’t go fundamental along with the faith. Religion is quite fishy in most of the cases. Mind my words though.

  • The Philosophy behind the religion

Some of the most interesting philosophers of Judaism are Judah Halevi, Saadia Gaon, Gersonides. One of the greatest establishment in their philosophies took place in the end of 18th century. Furthermore, people often relate this religion as a way of living rather only religious deity.

  • The Jew

Judaism consists of Jews. Therefore, anyone under the religion is known as a Jew. Just like other religion any born out of Jew parents is also a Jew. Furthermore, those you convert into Judaism are also Jew. In short, anyone having a faith in Judaism is a Jew.

  • The Jewish movement in Israel

Presently, the majority of the Jewish community lives in Israel. However, they also classify themselves as secular, traditional and religious people. After the Second World War; Israel the Jewish nation was born. For this reason, most of the Jewish people form Europe migrated to new found nation.

  • Prayers of the Jewish Folks

The followers of Judaism pray thrice a day. Sacharit, Mincha, Ma’ariv are some prayers they pray. However, special festivals and holidays have their own respective prayers. The declaration of faith is another key prayer in Judaism.

  • The Shabbat

This is one of the major holiday in Judaism. It occurs in every Friday night till Saturday’s nightfall. In this day the Jewish folks celebrates it as the God’s day. They usually takes off from their work.



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