Accidents and disasters tend of happen every now and then. Sometimes they are natural, while sometimes they are manmade. The Great Fire of London took place from 2nd September to 5th September, 1666. Above all, this fire was so huge that it almost covered the entire city within its flames. The results were completely catastrophic and loss of public property. The fire damaged a great number of houses, churches and public buildings as well. So, feeling curious to know more about the Great Fire of London. Below are some interesting facts about the Great Fire of London.

  • The time

At 1660, London was a major city for the British empire. Above all, the city was overcrowded with people. It was also the beginning of colonization by Britain. For this reason, London became the central trading hub for the traders. It used to be one of the largest dock in the world in those days. The inner circle of the city was full of inhabitants.

  • The Fire Hazards in London

Before the Great Fire of London there has been various cases of fire. In most of those cases the fire came from foundries, smithies and glaziers in the crowded areas. However, cheap building materials in the buildings increased the fire hazards in various areas of city. In conclusion, over population was the major hazard of any fire in the area.

  • The Trained Bands of London

Modern cities have Fire Service ready to deploy at any moment. But London was also equipped with such service for the city. They were famous as the trained band. In other words, they were like the modern day fire fighters. They were also available to extinguish the fire in case of emergencies.

  • Charles II and his orders

Charles II knew that London was under a complete threat of fire. For this reason, he issued a proclamation that was forbidding any kind of overhanging windows and jetties around the city. However, his orders were completely ignored by the local government of London. Again in 1665 he again warns the government about the narrowness of the streets of London.

  • The Firefighters were unable to extinguish

During the Great Fire of London, the firefighters were responsive enough to respond to the wakeup call. However, due to the narrowness of the streets they weren’t able to region with fire. Moreover, the narrow roads were full chaos and therefore the fire engines became useless.

  • Monument to resemble the terrible disaster

If you happen to visit London. Then you will find a 61-meter statute near Pudding Lane, London. After the fire Charles II asked to design his huge statue to commemorate the disaster.

  • A special court for the fire

The fire was definitely a catastrophic disaster. It results into huge loss of private and public property as well. For this reason, a special court was established to solve the disputes between the landlords and the tenants. It was later decided to rebuild on their ability to pay.

  • The damage from the fire

The name itself suggests that this fire was a huge event. In fact, the fire almost covered the entire city within its flames. The fire successfully destroyed over 13,200 homes, 87 churches and St. Paul’s Cathedral as well. It was the biggest manmade disaster mankind had ever seen.

  • The Death troll

Okay, every disaster brings huge amount of deaths. However, if we consider the official reports on this fire then there was only a small number of deaths. In the newspapers also there was no reported death after the incident. However, it is also said that the heat of fire ate everyone away leaving no sign of life behind.

  • Novel based on the disaster

Famous author Peter Ackyord wrote his novel The Great Fire of London based on this disaster. Above all, the novel was a well-received novel.


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