The Grand Canyon is situated in Arizona in the US. This natural monument is currently managed by the Grand Canyon National Park. It has been one of the primary reason to visit the US among tourist. The place really looks out of the world with its scenic beauty. Below are some of interesting facts about the epic natural monument.

The Geography of the place

The Grand Canyon is very popular for its massive size. You will experience some huge mountains in the world. While there is some wild life as well. However, be careful of the venomous animals like snakes and scorpions. The place is so huge that if anyone gets lost then he will have a hard time to find out his way.

The weather of the place.

You will mainly experience dry weather in this region. However, you can also experience rain twice a year mainly in the winter season. The average temperatures of the regions rise up to 37.8 degree Celsius. On the other hand, winters are quite decent with an average temperature of 17.8 degree Celsius.

How to know the weather?

Before embarking on a trip to the Grand Canyon. You must tally the weather from the National Weather Service’s NOAA. This will help you to predict the actual accurate weather forecast before going to the place. This center is also used to provide public warning about storms etc.

The South Rim Buildings

You will see some of the most historic buildings in the region. Make sure to watch the Buckey O’Neill Cabin, Kolb Studio, Verkamp’s Curious, The El Tower Hotel. All of this buildings shows the rich colonial history of the place.

The Desert View Watchtower

This huge building is situated near the eastern far end of South Rim. That is about 27 miles from the Grand Canyon Village. This building gives full scenic and panoramic view of the Canyon and the famous Colorado River. In addition, you can capture some of the most beautiful pictures from the Tower.

The Air quality of the place

United States is definitely a follower of industrialization. For this reason, the air in the country remains polluted by dangerous fumes and toxic. However, the Grand Canyon is located apart from the Urban life that’s why the place remains with clean air. But if a Sandstorm arrives then you are on your own. No one could help you out from the dust. That is the big factor which influence the air quality of the place.

The plants in the place

Well from the name of the place you might be guessing that the place is only a dessert nothing else. However, you are wrong in this case. In fact, there are almost 1,737 species of vascular plants. Some of these plants are poisonous in nature. While some are fungi or parasites.

The Wild life in the place

You are most likely spot wildlife near the Colorado River Corridor. There are many species of animals that make their habitat near the region. In fact, in rodents there are about 18 rodents. Moreover, this place is a favorite for the bats. Above all, poisonous species are seen roaming around as well.

The Tourism of the place

Over the years this canyon has become a major attraction among the tourists. Most of the come to explore the scenic region and captures some memories of the place. In fact, around 5 million tourists visits the Grand Canyon every year.

The relation with Theodore Roosevelt

The Grand Canyon was one of the favorite places for the former U.S president Theodore Roosevelt. He usually visited the place for hunting and to enjoy the landscape. He was really fond of the place.



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