Over the past centuries Gold has been one of most valuable metal in the world. It really counts as an asset if have some possession of gold. This valuable metal can be discovered in various continents in the world. For starters you should know that more than 75 percent of earth’s gold that you see on our market has been created from 1910. In fact, you might be thinking that gold is strong and hard metal. Then you are wrong gold is mostly pliable. This makes it easier to transform it into any form you want. In fact, gold can be transformed into sewing thread. So, to know more interesting facts about Gold read the points below.

Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt passed a ridiculous law in 1933. The rule goes as no one in the US should have any possession of Gold. However, there were exception for dentists, jeweler and electrician. Those who were violating the law had to pay 10,000 as fine.

The Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the very beginning of the 20th Century people many people were suffering from the disease, Rheumatoid arthritis. This was generally a very painful disease. However, medical studies conducted in France found that gold can an effective method to cure this dangerous disease.

The term “Gold”

Today Gold is a very popular term. Women are often seen wearing jewelry made out of gold. This word Gold came from the word “Ghel” or “Ghol”. The meaning of these words is mainly green, bright and yellow. Well now you know the story behind the name gold.

New element

Gold is mainly discovered in mines in the form of small rocks. However, in 5th February it was miracle in Australia. John Deason and Richard Oates discovered world’s largest Gold nugget. The weight of their nugget was 2,248 ounces. This record is still unbroken till date. Hopefully you will also dig into the ground and try to break their record.

Some Gold is edible

Gold is not only an element to make beautiful jewelry which makes you beautiful. Gold is often used as an additional ingredient for food. Mainly the Asian countries have been using gold for a long time for making coffee, jelly snack and various fruits.

The first Gold in the US

 Carbora, North Carolina was the first place in the US where gold was ever found. The weight of the first gold was merely 17 pounds. However, this discovery led to chain reactions of discoveries. Soon gold was also found in Little Meadow Creek, North Carolina. Ultimately, creating a wave of rush in 1803.

The carat weights

The weight of gold is most commonly measured by using carat. 12,14,18,22,24 these are the common measurements to measure. You must know that the higher the number the better the purity of the gold. However, the gold must over 10 carats to be qualify as gold. By logic now you must be understanding about the term 24 carat gold (finest).

Ancient Egypt and gold

In the ancient Egypt gold was only accessible to Pharaoh, members of the royal court and the priests. These ancient people considered gold as the skin of the Sun god. Thus, they treated with full sanctity. There were massive chambers where the king use to store their reserves of Gold.

The Gold coins

Before the use of Gold coins as currency. People use to store plants some cattle as their assets. However, this method was generally unreliable. Later Gold coins proves to be an efficient medium to trade.

The symbol of Gold

AU is the chemical symbol of this metal. This word came from Latin word aurum. Furthermore, it is taken from the woman goddess known as Aurora.



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