The French Revolution was perhaps the biggest revolution in entire Europe. It brought huge economic, social, education changes in the country. There were several changes in the Government and the political system of the country. This famous revolution took place from 1789 to 1799. Additionally, this revolution was a complete result of liberal ideas. Ultimately, this transforms the theocracy and monarchy into complete democracy. So are you feeling curious after reading till this part of article? Then wait no more and enlighten your knowledge by reading the rest of the article.

  • The Cause behind the Revolution

There have been various debates behind the reason of the French Revolution. On one hand, some believes that it started just after the American Revolutionary war. This gave difficult financial status to the French Monarchy. For this reason, the government of France had to increase the taxes. On the other hand, some experts believe it took place because some people wanted to destroy the aristocracy.

  • The Freemasonry

The Freemasonry had a major role in the French revolution. Because, it brought various themes of Liberty and fraternity in the French Society. Additionally, people came to realize the importance of equality in a functional society.

  • The Financial Crisis in the country

Financial crisis in France is also one of major reason behind the French Revolution. The Government of France was authoritarian in nature. Therefore, they wanted to restore their former financial status. There former financial status was lost due to their participation in the Seven-year war and American revolutionary war. For this reason, the government starts to tax more form its residents.

  • The National assembly

In 1789, the first national assembly was established. It was one of the first democratic national assemblies in the world. That time it was for the “people” not for the “Estates”. This was the beginning of a new proper and stable democracy.

  • The Declaration of the Human rights

During the same year of the declaration of the National Assembly. They also had to introduce rights of man and for their citizens. Instead of legal declaration this statement comprises of principles.

  • Women’s march near the Versailles

During the revolution crowds of women had to march from Parisian markets to Hotel de Ville. They were protesting against the poverty, economic, politics as well. Over 7000 women had to join the march towards Versailles. This was mainly against the authoritarian French government. However, this took violent turn when they were carrying cannons and various smaller weapons.

  • The Church

The famous Roman Catholic Church was also effected by the revolution. For this reason, there was a massive shift of power; from church to the state. To make matters more complicated the Assembly of the state declares that every property of that church was for the nation and their citizens only.

  • The Guillotine in France

There was massive violence in the nation of France. Accordingly, Louis XI, Queen Marie Antoinette, Bailly,Brissot got killed in the action. So you can understand the level of this revolution which also killed some of the royals.

  • Symbolism of the movement

The Revolution creates new differentiation among the new republic ideology and old regime. However, only the new symbols remain to stay in the Republic of France.  This led to new a France which was now a democracy instead of being authoritarian in nature.

  • The Newspapers of the time

The Newspapers and the magazines played a crucial role in propagating ideas to different people. Ultimately, this gave a proper definition to the Revolution in the country.

I hope that the above facts helped you to enlighten your knowledge.


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