Interesting facts about the European Union

Amazing facts about the European Union: Just like the UN, the European Union is another universal governing body that governs Europe. Above all, this organization focuses on political and economic matters in Europe. This union consists of 28 nations from Europe. Various negotiations and discussions take place with the help of this Union. We can say that it works as an intergovernmental system. Finally, below are some of the interesting facts about the European Union.

10 Interesting facts about the European Union

  • The Institutions

There are various institutions that were built during the establishment of this institution. For example, the European Commission, the Court of Auditors, the Council of the European Union, the court of Justice of the European Union. Above all, these intuitions work together as various components of the European Union. Therefore, the work gets divided into their respective governing bodies.

  • The Elections in the European Union

Considering the size of the Union the election of parliament members requires total control. However, the parliament election takes place every five years by the citizens of the EU. Therefore, we can conclude that this organization is fairly democratic in nature.

  • The Maastricht Treaty in the European Union

The European Union is the result of the Maastricht Treaty. Later the concept of European Citizenship was also introduced into the Union. The main aim was to consolidate the entire European economy into one big power.

  • The concept of Single Market

With the introduction of the European Union, passport control was almost abolished. In fact, now the people could move freely, trade good and services around the region. Therefore, we can say that it was the beginning of new freedom in economic matters in the region. As a result, this enables most of the European countries to grow faster than the rest of the countries in the world.

  • The Monetary Union in the European Union

Currency is the medium by which we buy stuff of our necessity. However, before the establishment of the Union, every country has its own currency. But the Union have been introducing a Monetary Union of 19 states as its member. As a result, the Euro was set as their currency of entire union members. For this reason, there has been a massive boom in the development of the member nations of the European Union.

  • The Member states of the European Union

At the beginning the EU only six founding states; Belgium, France, West Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy. However, over the years there has been an increase in the member nations of the Union. Presently, there are 28 member states in this union. All of them standing together for a unified Europe. we are trying to cover the fun facts about the European Union also.

  • The Criteria of being a member of the EU

To become a member of this Union, there are few criteria that the nation must meet. Firstly, this includes a nation with a stable democracy along with proper human rights. Secondly, the nation must accept the obligations of membership along with stable economic functions. In short, you don’t need to be a pretty fancy country just have stable democracy and economy as well.

  • The Environmental policies of the EU

During its establishment, there was no certain policy for the Environment. However, over the years we have been facing the impacts of Global Warming. As a result, the European Union has to create various policies concerning the environment. There are laws for air pollution control, waste management, nature conservation, waste protection. Furthermore, the member states must have control over chemical, biological risks on the environment.

  • The Governance in the EU

There is a proper parliament in the EU. The European Parliament elects the legislative bodies of the Union. On the other hand, the European Commission elects the council.

  • The European Council

The European Council is the supreme political authority. It gives direction to the EU at least four times a year. Basic facts about the European Union.

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