Aquatic animals are usually very agile and fast. Dolphin is no exception in this case. They are perhaps the cutest aquatic animal in this world. With a massive intelligence than any other aquatic animal, Dolphins roam around with total ease. They are big and cute at the same. Various multinational artificial aquariums are also the home to these species. So without further a due let me enlighten your knowledge with interesting facts about Dolphins.

  • Their name

The Bottle nose dolphin is the most famous Dolphin around the world. However, everything in the animal kingdom has got a scientific name. For the Bottle Nose Dolphin, it is Tursiops Truncates. However, this species of Dolphin is the most notorious species in the Aquatic world. Mainly, due to their high IQ levels. For this reason, various aquarium shows hires them for their entertainment shows.

  • Various defense measures

Just like land, the sea is also full of predators. For this reason, the bottlenose dolphins have been developing various methods to protect themselves from predators. They have very good agility to swim around water at higher speed. On the other hand, this species also has very good cooperation skills with other species. For example, whenever the threat appears, they will just create a loud whistle to tell other about the approaching threat.

  • The population of bottlenose dolphins

If we consider the famous reports about the population of Dolphins. Then there are about 67,000 Dolphins only in the USA and Mexican coast. However, these number remains generally low in the Asiatic countries. Mainly, due to high number of other predators in the water.

  • The Respiratory system of Dolphins

Okay, don’t expect that they would have no gills. Their respiration cycle depends on their cycle of activities. For example, if a Dolphin is taking rest for a long time, then it will only need to respire 2 breaths every minute. Accordingly, whenever the level of activity increases then the Dolphins will need to breath more often. We can say that this is quite similar to the respiratory system of humans. It just that humans don’t have gills to breathe.

  • The average weight of newly born

The newly born bottlenose dolphin could be long as 52 inches. However, they can also weigh up to 44 lbs. Then, at the age of four months the newly born gets their first teeth. Above all, it takes about 18 month of care by their mother to fully nurture them.

  • Average weight of the adults

The weight of adult bottlenose Dolphins may vary a lot. Still, the average weight remains around 230 kilograms. While they can have a length up to 3.9 meter.

  • The natural habitat of Bottlenose Dolphin

Okay, you might have seen them blending well in the aquariums. But that doesn’t mean it is their natural habitat. Dolphins are creature of the sea, that’s why they love to live under a sea. They usually prefer a warmer part for their habitat. Above all, tropical sea is the most suitable sea for their habitat.

  • The Baby Dolphin

Okay, whenever I newborn is born. You can call it calf instead of baby dolphin, because mind you Dolphins are mammals. That’s is the reason why they are bit ahead of other aquatic lifeforms.

  • Their birth

You will be amazed to know that during the birth of newborn. Other Dolphins also assist a process of birth by giving natural support to the mother. People often call that helper as Aunty.

  • Various entertainment and dolphins

The Dolphins were being used as entertainers in various shows. They really have good diving ability to dive under water up to 300 meter.


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