Interesting facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis

United States of America is a capitalist country. While Soviet Union was a communist nation. The clash between the two ideologies gave rise to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Above all, this event was so huge that it could have gave birth to another World War. This was a 13 day confrontation between USA and USSR that took place in 1962. Mainly, it was about the Soviet’s deployment of ballistic missiles in Cuba. USA was never in the favor of USSR or Cuba. For this reason, they were completely against the action taken by USSR. Below are some interesting facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis that you should read to enlighten your knowledge.

  • Where and when it happened? (Cuban missile crisis timeline)

This confrontation between USA and USSR took place on October 28, 1962. It took almost 13 days to resolve the conflict between the two nations. Accordingly, it took place in the Caribbean sea in Cuba.

  • What exactly happened?

During those days Nikita Khrushchev was the leader of the Soviet Union. He had decided to place their missiles at Cuba’s request. This was mainly done in the response to Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. On the other hand, USA was also placing their missiles in Turkey and Italy against USSR. This competition between the two super powers led to the placement of missiles.

  • Operations by the US

US was a big threat when USSR have been planning to place their missiles in Cuba. In the response the US had to draft two operations. First, the OPLAN 316 which had the total support from their Air Force. Second, OPLAN 312 with the help of both navy and Air force. They were ready to tackle the conditions led by USSR.

  • World’s response for the crisis

Being a member of the NATO, US was supported by Italy and Turkey. For this reason, these nations also gave them the opportunity to place their missiles on their nation. On the other hand, the Soviet union only had the support of Cuba and some small communist nations. Points about Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • Kennedy’s epic speech

Then president John F Kennedy gave an epic speech to his nation in the wake of the crisis. He gave the order to quarantine all kinds of military equipment that they were shipping to Cuba.

  • How the world responded to the Speech?

There were various responses to the speech by Kennedy. Some approved of his actions, while some clearly disapproved of his actions. For example, being a communist nation China took a side of Cuba. While the capitalist West Germany was completely in the favor of the US.

  • Khrushchev’s important telegram to Kennedy

The leader of the Soviet Union sent a telegram to Kennedy. This was a warning for the US intervention in the matters of Cuba. Above all, he stated that any intervention in their privacy can also lead to war.

  • The Response by Kennedy to the telegram

Kennedy also responded to the telegram in strict order. He stated that their nation will take strict action if any offensive missile is deployed in the nation of Cuba. Cuban Missile Crisis Summary

  • The establishment of Moscow and Washington Hotline

This Hotline was established to create direct communication between the two nations. Above all, it only had one purpose, that was to solve the problem without any military action. Officials from both the side took many discussions to resolve the conflicts between them.

  • The Result of the conflict

After various discussions Soviet Union had to promise for the removal of their missiles from Cuba. However, the American also had to remove their missiles from Turkey that were threatening USSR. Furthermore, USSR also promised that they would never invade Cuba without provocation. This was only done with the help of Moscow- Washington helpline. Otherwise, we all know it could have led to full scale war between the two nations.

So this was the list about the Interesting facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all.


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