Interesting facts about the CIA - Central Intelligence Agency.

Interesting facts about the CIA: You must have seen the CIA in some movies or Novels. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is the most powerful intelligence agency in the US. They have their headquarters in Langley, Virginia that is 3.3 km away from Washington D.C. They had the crucial in maintaining the country’s safety during the cold war era. They’ve also sent some of the finest spies around the world to gather intel. Below are some interesting facts about this intelligence agency.

Interesting facts about the CIA

  • It’s an Independent agency

It is the one and only independent intelligence agency in the USA. However, it gets some commands under the Director of National Intelligence. This independent nature allows the CIA to conduct some of the most ridiculous experiments ever. In fact, they are not even the government of the US government.

  • Their principal activities

CIA has three major activities to follow. First, they have to gather intel about different individuals, governments, corporations. Second, they have to provide an assessment of security intelligence to the senior policymaker of their country. Third, they also have to carry out covert activates along with tactical operations as well. They really got a lot of things to do for the nation.

  • Their huge budget

It is widely said that the CIA has got the largest budget among the intelligence agencies around the world. Above all, they also have to focus on fighting terrorism and stop cybercrimes. Amazing facts about the CIA.

  • The Formation of the Agency

This intelligence agency was formed during the Second World War. The main function was to establish security in the United States. Furthermore, there were more duties like analyzing intelligence failure. They also had to study about human rights along with investigation on classified documents as well.

  • Their priorities

In recent times their priorities have been updating. Firstly, now they are part of the resistance against global terror. Above all, they have been really helpful in eliminating the leader of AL Qaeda (Osama Bin Laden). Secondly, they also work on nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. Lastly, they also provide protection of the American leader from important events. Interesting facts about the CIA – Central Intelligence Agency.

  • The structure of the organization

This organization consists of a main executive officer along with various agency-wide functions. This also includes four major directories as well. The Directorate of Intelligence and National Clandestine Service are also part of this organization.

  • The training program of the agency

Their first training took place in 1950 at the office of training and education. The training program was its peak during the Cold War era. However, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, their training budget has been slashing. Again in 2002, the CIA had to establish more training facilities in the wake of Global Terror. What are some interesting facts about the CIA?

  • History of the Organization

The CIA was established in 1947 with the help of the National Security Act. Former President Harry S. Truman had to sign it into the law. This organization came after the wake of the Second World War. This allowed the country to function discreetly without military action.

  • Their fight against global terrorism

Presently, the war against terrorism is the main duty of the CIA. It is very important to secure their nation from any external threats from terrorism. This duty mainly after the deadly terror attack on the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001. Accordingly, after the incident, the CIA has been busy gathering intel of terrorist organizations around the world. Above all, in 2011 they successfully executed Osama Bin Laden. Interesting facts about the CIA – Central Intelligence Agency

  • The Controversy over the organization

Their free nature from any governing body is the primary reason behind all of the controversies. They have done some illegal activates as well during their operation. For example, they have been accused of using chemicals to disable people. They also conducted various experiments on people without their consent.

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