interesting facts about christmas

Christmas is the largest Christian Holiday. Over the world millions of Christians celebrates this prosperous holiday with lots of celebrations. Children gets presents from Santa while the adult celebrates with turkey and some wine. In fact, some of the non-Christian nations also celebrates this amazing festival. India is a big example, thousands of people gather and visit various churches. The churches are decorated well to celebrate as well. So, feeling the holiday vibes about this holiday? In celebration of the holiday season, Let me introduce you some interesting facts about Christmas tree.

List of interesting facts about Christmas

  • The date of Christmas

All around the world Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. And according to the holy book of Christians, this dates also marks the birth of Jesus. The Christians believe that Jesus is the savior of mankind. For this reason, the Roman Catholic church of Rome also promotes this day.

  • The Nativity of the festival

Saint Francis is very famous around the world. People believe that he has the power to control every single life forms in the planet. Not many people know but Saint Francis was present at the nativity scene. This gives the gives the festival a more authentic touch.

  • The Christmas presents

We like receiving gifts from each other. And Christmas is very good occasion on which we receive gift, specifically the kids. This tradition first began in the Ancient Rome. Above all, today also we are following this custom around the world. In fact, experts widely estimate that people spend over millions in purchasing the gifts. it is also one of the interesting facts about Christmas.

  • No you cannot celebrate Christmas this year

Okay, that was a very catchy title in the first place. But let me tell not many people about this. Celebrating Christmas was banned for a specific period of time in England. It was the year 1644 when due to the Act of Parliament no one was allowed to celebrate the holy festival. Quite weird and sad in my opinion.

  • Misconceptions about the festival

There are various misconceptions about the Christmas. But nothing tops about no occurrence of nativity of the festival. We all see this festival based on Santa’s character nothing else.

  • The famous Christmas Crackers

Everyone loves some dessert after their dinner. Christmas is no exception; you must have heard about Christmas crackers. Above all, in the UK it is perhaps the most famous dessert for the festival. However, people in the US are quite different in this matter. As they done prefer the Christmas crackers.

  • The Christmas tree

A Christmas celebration is really incomplete without a Christmas Tree. In fact, the Christmas Tree holds a huge significance in this festival. In the earlier day’s people used to cut down the trees and take them to their homes. However, due to deforestation and stuff people now buys artificial trees to celebrate Christmas at their home. religious facts about Christmas.

  • The term Xmas

You must have heard about the term “Xmas”. However, many Christian authorities consider this word as very disrespectful to the festival. To inform you the word “Xmas” in Greek means chi. Moreover, the Xmas word is definitely as sacred as the world Christmas for the festival. Therefore, you don’t need to be upset of using this word for the festival.

  • Santa Claus

If we are talking about Christmas. Then we cannot simply miss Santa Claus. At last, he is the one who brings gifts for the children. Above all, Saint Nicholas denotes the name Santa Claus. He used to be a very generous church bishop who use to give gifts to the poor folks. facts you didn’t know about Christmas tree.

  • Candy Canes

The Kids simply can’t resist them to have the taste of Candy Canes. This candy is used to accommodate some positive equality around the Christian population through its Christ figure.

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