Interesting facts about Burger King and Burger King History

Whether you like to eat Burgers or not. Every once in a while our minds tend to carve for a burger. In fact, the most health conscious people can’t deny their carving for a nice burger. And when it comes to burgers at global level there are very few players to compete with Burger King. The names speaks itself, “Burger king” has been the real pioneer since their inception. This fast food joint is spread throughout various countries in the world. So without further a due let’s discuss some interesting facts about Burger king and Burger King History.

Interesting facts about Burger king – Burger King History

  • James McLamore and David R. Edgerton were the founders of Burger King. They almost started with scrap and built a fast food empire.
  • In 1981 Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar attacked McDonalds through Burger King. Ultimately, McDonalds had to sue Burger king for this campaign against them. Above all, McDonald also won the case.
  • Just like McDonalds, Burger King also gives toys along with their meals to attract kids. On 11th December 1999 a small kid chocked a Pokémon toy while he was eating his meal. This was the first death related to the toys in their meal.
  • Burger King often celebrated huge promotions from big firms like Stars Wars. From the very beginning Star Wars chose Burger King to promote their character glasses around the world.
  • There is a restaurant with the same name in Mattoon, US. Burger king has tried to bring this restaurant down many times, but failed at every time. Above all, this restaurant with the same name has been existing long before Burger King.
  • If you are likely to visit Australia. Then you will find that there it is famous as “Hungry Jack” due to some copyright problems with the real name. However, this doesn’t stop the customers to rush for their burger.
  • There’s a famous burger in Burger King that consists of 800 calories. The filling inside the burger is made up of four patties, various cheese slices, bacon and sauce. Above all, people often call it the “Suicide Burger”.
  • Some celebrities like Hugh Laurie, Jay Leno enjoys the feature of Gold Card for Burger king. In fact, this card is meant for unlimited deluxe system for their products.
  • Alright, the name of the company suggests Burgers in its name. However, that doesn’t mean they are going to step back from other markets. In 2016 they have been starting their Hot Dog range as well.
  • Burger is only offering their delivery system to the following states; Alabama, Virginia, Utah and Ohio.
  • Japan is the land of the rising sun. However, at the same time Japan is quite weird to. Black Buns are being used in the Burger Kings of Japan. This really makes them amusing and weird at the same time.
  • In the recent time Burger king has been bringing new innovations. They recently introduced ‘Whopperito’, a new kind of burger for their customers.
  • Innovation is the key to attract more customers. For this reason, there is a proper spa in one of their branch in Helsinki, Finland.
  • They are really a huge fast-food vendor. However, did you know that Burger King has over 11 million customers around the world.
  • McDonald’s is the biggest threat to Burger King. As a result, over the years there has been massive competition between both of them. Still, Burger King manages to hold the second spot after the sales of McDonalds.
  • Even after this stiff competition from McDonalds. The owners at Burger King admits the fact that once they visited McDonalds and got the inspiration to start their own business.
  • The 3G capital Brazilian company had bought Burger King for 3.3 billion USD.
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