Most Interesting facts about the Black Death Essay

Interesting facts about the Black Death: Diseases are awful, they often take the life of an individual. Or makes them suffer a lot. However, an epidemic that could wipe out millions is even worse. Yes, Black Death is the most devastating pandemics in the entire human history. It is widely estimated that this pandemic caused the death of over 200 million people in Europe in 1346. After various modern researches, the Yersinia Pestis bacterium is held responsible behind this huge pandemic. Furthermore, it is also said that this pandemic almost wiped the entire European population from the globe. Below are some interesting facts about the Black Death.

Interesting facts about the Black Death

The number of recorded deaths

Well, it is very hard to estimate the exact death toll due to no proper institution at that time. However, experts often estimate the number by considering different sources and conditions. Above all, the most accurate figure could somewhere between 100 to 200 million people. That’s too much. We should also consider that in those days the normal population was also lower than today’s population.

The decline in the European population

Black death results in a massive decline in the European population. There was a massive shortage of food as well cause the rats took everything away. The crop failure and lack of food resulted in the people to gather in the cities. Ultimately, this led to the perfect environment for the disease to spread.

The Trading ships

The trading ships became the main reason behind the contagious nature of the plague. They took the patients to one place to another, which spread the disease to other European nations as well. If they had security checks on the docks, then they would have stopped the disease to spread through the continent.

Different varieties of plague

The pathogen Yersinia Pestis results in three different forms of plagues. First, bubonic plague. Second, infection from fleas. Third, pneumonic plague. The results are always fatal leading to death. Black Death Plague in England.

The aftermath of the pandemic

The plague was definitely devastating for the European people. It took more than 150 years to recover the lost population of their continent. Above all, there was a massive transformation in the religious, social and economic institutions. However, the plague still continued in some form till 19th century.

Prevention and cure

They were many theories to cure the plague. Being happy and avoiding bad thoughts was one cure for the cure. However, all of this was just a futile attempt to divert our mind as no real cure was found.

So this was the list of the Fun Facts about the Black Death Essay. You might say that we might have missed a couple of points but we tried to cover it all.

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