The Second World War was a catastrophic war in human history. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, the Berlin Wall was constructed to divide the capitalist world from the socialist block. Above all, it only had one motive to separate West Berlin from East Berlin. The wall was a huge concrete construction with guarded watch towers. The military on both the block were very active to separate the two blocks from each other. However, the residents were often caught trying to climb the wall. So, without further a due let’s uncover some of the interesting facts about the Wall of Berlin.

  • The Anti-fascism movement

The Second World War was over. But people were often criticizing that the West Germany was not completely de-Nazified yet. On the other hand, the government in West Germany were often referring the wall as the “Wall of Shame”. They were even suggesting that the wall was restricting their freedom of movement.

  • West Germany didn’t want East Germany to enter.

The Authorities at the West German front didn’t wanted East Germans to enter West Germany. Moreover, the East Germany was surrounded by Soviet countries. They were also fearing that the Soviet bloc will invade their land with their ideologies. However, Soviet Union was clearly not planning in taking over West Berlin.

  • Crossing the border was a crime

Various reports about the Wall shows that over 136 people gave their life while crossing the border. Moreover, anyone who tried to cross the wall was declared as traitor. Sometimes the authorities would even catch people who were trying to cross the border.

  • Graffiti on the wall

People used to draw plenty of Graffiti on the western side of the wall. The Western Berlin authorities was mostly ignorant to such kind of activities. However, no signs of Graffiti can have been seen in the eastern part of Berlin. Above all, those seen using graffiti were punished severely.

  • The wall was a disaster for the Socialist propaganda

Socialism and communism is mostly about helping your people. However, things were bit different with the Wall of Berlin. The wall signified that the Communists didn’t wanted their people to travel freely and shot their own people. It also damaged the ideology of communism as well.

  • The wall became an alternative to dustbins

Well, this point is quite funny but true at the same moment. The people of West Berlin often used to throw their Garbage to the other side of the wall. People would just climb some part of the wall and threw their waste with total ease. Above all, they didn’t have any worry that the Garbage would ever come back. As the Government at eastern Berlin was blocking their people to do such thing.

  • Looking for freedom, international hit

Pop culture was hitting around the world. David Hassellhoff’s “Looking for freedom” became a famous hit in entire Germany. The song was about the wall and its limitation that have been imposing to people. Above all, he performs his hit standing on the Berlin wall in 1989.

  • The Checkpoint Charlie

Okay, the wall was very huge. And it was meant to block the transportation between the two blocks of the nation. However, there were certain checkpoints that were allowing some passage. Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous checkpoint among these checkpoints. The Western part of the checkpoint was under the command of Americans. While the Eastern part of the checkpoint was under Soviet Union.

  • The Demolition of the Wall

On 9th November 1989 the wall of berlin was successfully demolished. Before this some parts of the wall were already crumbling. But it was this very date the people on both sides decides to demolish the wall and establish some peace in the region.


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