10 amazing facts about bananas
Bunch of ripened bananas at grocery store

Interesting facts about Bananas

Bananas are quite popular as a healthy fruit. You must be aware of some of its health benefits as well. Fruits are meant to make us healthy and beautiful. This fruit is consumed from ages. In fact, from the stone ages I would say. Let’s explore some of the lesser known benefits of bananas that you might not know.

  • Banana makes us happy

Every banana consists of an element that assists our brain to produce 5-HT. This element helps us out to eliminate most of our negative emotions. This naturally brings down our pessimism. The European often call this fruit as a happy fruit because of this characteristic. So the next time you are feeling depressed try a banana before consuming any antidepressant.

  •  Slimming your waist size

It is no wonder why the Gym instructors suggests you to add bananas into your diet. Bananas are helpful in losing weight. If you eliminate your current diet and replace it by bananas only. While you can also gain weight by adding bananas into your current diet. Bananas are totally free from sodium, fat, cholesterol. This usually eliminates any kind of unnecessary weight gain. On the other hand, they are very helpful in gaining obsolete lean mass.

  •  You can prevent heart disease and high blood pressure:

Bananas consists of health benefiting minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants. All of these helps us to reduce to the risk of any kind of heart disease and high blood pressure in a long run. Furthermore, a banana has 358 mg potassium in every 100 g of banana. You should be aware that this potassium helps to control our heart rate while ensuring healthy blood pressure. Moreover, this also reduces the potential risk of hypertension and strokes. Eating a banana in breakfast also helps you to boost your brain power as well.

  • It can treat constipation

Every Banana consists of dietary fiber. And this dietary fiber helps our bowel movements. Therefore, helping us in our constipation problems.

  • Helps us in a healthy sleep

So far you must have noticed that how healthy bananas are. Every banana holds enough protein and amino acids which assists us eliminate insomnia and emotional stress. The protein and amino acid calms down our nervous system resulting a good sleep.

  • Contains various kind of sugars

Every banana consists of three kinds of natural sugars. This includes sucrose, glucose and fructose, all beneficial to provide instant energy for our body. That’s why most of the athletes includes bananas into their diets to obtain instant energy.

  • Curing diarrhea

Eating a banana while having diarrhoea will help you to normalise your colonic functions. The banana will help you absorb large amounts of water while maintain proper bowel movements.

  • Maintains good immunity system and prevents infection

Bananas are full of Vitamin C. Above all, Vitamin C helps our body to fight against any kind of infection. This helps proper synthesis of the connective tissue. Beside Vitamin, a banana is also rich in vitamin B-6. This quality ensures treatment of neuritis, anemia and decreases homocysteine.

  • Slows down ageing process

No one likes to age prematurely. A Banana consists of lutein; Zeaxanthin these elements helps to reduce the ageing process of our bodily functions.

  • They prevent hair pigmentation

Well this point is quite similar to the above point. But this is also a valid point. Bananas consists of Chromium, Fluoride, manganese, and zinc. All of these helps us to prevent our hair going gray or white.

So, that is an amazing fruit right? So the next time you are trying to avoid a banana into your diet think of the above advantages first before ignoring.



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