Every nation has their past. America has to, colonial past and slavery. The American civil war was the greatest war fought on the land of America. Above all, this war was fought between the southerners and the northerners. The results are absolutely devastating, millions had to sacrifice their lives on both the sides. This war was fought against the evil institution of slavery which was abolished by Abraham Lincoln. Below are some interesting and important facts about the American civil war.

  • The Union of Black Soldiers

First things first, the war was started against the evil institution of slavery. A group of black soldiers were protesting for their salary. Above all, they were accusing that they weren’t paid for 18 months. On the other hand, the white soldiers were paid more. This discrimination among the white and black soldier became the crucial factor in igniting the war.

  • Many died from the War

This was a total devastating war for the US. The US faced more casualties in their civil war than the Second World War. Every day new ambushes were taking away the lives of militants. However, over two third of the soldiers had to suffer infections and diseases. This war also led to various epidemic around the region.

  • Abolishing slavery was not the main aim

Okay, so far you have been told that abolishing slavery was the primary motive behind this war. However, under the command of Abraham Lincoln this war had the major motive to restore the union of states. After which came the motive to abolish the concept of slavery from their land as well. Abraham was humanitarian in nature, thus he wanted to end the evil institution of slavery. It was very important to end the discrimination because the blacks were the victims for hundreds of years.

  • The battle and soldiers

As I have mentioned before that the battle between the north and south was devastating. Tons of people died fighting not for their land but for their cause. However, the soldiers on both sides must have known each at some point of their life. They could have been roommates, pub mates or even friends at some moment. Therefore, it was really a hard situation to fight under such complex bonds.

  • Diseases ate many in the war

In any war, we are mostly worried about getting shot. But that wasn’t the case in the American Civil War. The soldiers were not afraid of being shot, instead they were scared of getting infected of diseases. Accordingly, many soldiers had to lose their lives just because of infections.

  • Robert E. Lee, the defender of the North

He was the main man behind the orders of the Northern Soldiers. Above all, he had to command to instruct the Northern Soldiers. He took the decision to protect his native state Virginia. People often say that without his bravery Northern Victory was not possible at all.

  • The changes in the Economy

The Civil war brought massive changes in the economies both North and the South. However, the North had to face more problems after the war. Their resources were almost extinguished and they had lost most of their businesses. The southerners were still lucky at the beginning. They were quickly adapting the elements of industrialization to boost their economy.

  • Soldiers and their ethnicity

People widely believe that most of the soldiers in the civil war were mainly immigrants. Above all, they even estimate the one out of ten soldier was a black. This means that the Blacks also fought for their rights.

  • The Women in the war

Well, Women had no role in the battlefield of the civil war. However, that doesn’t mean they were left unaffected by the war. The majority of them had to lose their husbands in the war. Then they had to be the sole breadwinner of their home.



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