How to protect your Car or Bike during lockdown?

How to protect your Car or Bike during lockdown

Today, Coronavirus is a global pandemic. Almost everyone around the world is trying their best to save themselves from infection. In India, people are staying at home during the lockdown period to stop spreading the virus in the country. It is not clear how many weeks Indians will need to stay at home during this lockdown. Our cars and bikes are also resting either outside of our home or in our garage. We really don’t know for how long they are going to stand there. If you think that leaving your vehicle in a single position for 1 or 2 months for the entire won’t have any effect. Then this thought is entirely wrong. There could be multiple damages to your vehicle. In this article, I’m going to suggest to you some ways in which you can preserve your vehicle from getting damaged. Let’s Explore How to protect your Car or Bike during lockdown.

External Safety 

Since your vehicle is lying outside for a long time. It is quite possible that the people will have contact with it. They could possibly sneeze on it and might cause the spread of virus particles over the vehicle. This could be deadly if you touch the vehicle and your body becomes in contact with the virus. For this reason, it is recommended to wash your vehicle well with water or soap solution. Don’t just rely on rubbing the dust from the car or bike because the virus particles might still be present. 

Clean the Interiors 

If you have left a cigarette lighter, deodorant, room freshener, or a sanitiser inside your car. It might be receiving direct sunlight rays. Remove them immediately from the vehicle. Direct sunlight contact can cause bursting and fire. This could be very dangerous for your vehicle or your life. Moreover, try to remove all the snacks from your car such as biscuits, chocolate etc. They are surely going to spoiled due to the high temperature of summer. If you don’t remove them from your vehicle then you will have to face the terrible rotting odour once you enter the car after the lockdown. 

Don’t park using the handbrake 

Usually, when we park our cars, we use the handbrake to secure the car in one place. This is a normal procedure for parking the car. However, when you are planning to park your vehicle for a long time it is better to not using the handbrake. Instead of securing the car in one place, it could potentially jam the machinery of the vehicle. Solving such a situation might need you to call a repairman. You can instead put your car in gear. Or you can also use a brick below one tire to keep it secure. 

Don’t use the parking mode

The parking in modern cars is very sensitive. Especially, if your car is parked on a slope, then you must try to avoid the parking mode. The best way to hold your car in position would be a brick or stone below the tyres. How to protect your Car or Bike during lockdown.


If you are leaving your vehicle for a long time, then your vehicle’s battery might discharge. This can also shorten the overall battery life. It is recommended to start your vehicle once a week for 5-10 minutes. If you are living in an enclosed place, then you can also give a short round in your society and park it back again. By doing this, not only you are helping your battery, but also other components in your vehicle. You might think of disconnecting the battery from your vehicle. However, it might not be the right choice instead starting up your vehicle in a week is a better option because there are more benefits in it. 

Park under Shade or use cover 

When you are leaving your vehicle for a long time, it would be better if you park it under a shade to protect it from direct sunlight. The sunlight lightens the paint job and overheats your vehicle. If you are not able to park under a shade, then using a cover would be a great option since it would also guard your vehicle against dust. However, please clean and wash your vehicle before putting it on the cover. You could damage the paint quality of your vehicle if you don’t wash it and put the cover on.   

How to protect your Car or Bike during lockdown?


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