How to Propose a Girl on Chat / WhatsApp?
How to Propose a Girl on Chat / WhatsApp?

How to propose a girl on Chat: It might be quite intimidating to think about proposing to a girl on Chat / WhatsApp. After all, it is an online platform, and you do not have face to face interaction with the other party. We know that you must have developed some feelings for her. But now, it must be difficult to retain your feelings within yourself. In this blog, we will help you with how to propose a girl on Chat / WhatsApp.

7 Tips on How to propose a girl on Chat / Whatsapp

Preparing to Propose

Before expressing your feelings, you need to be sure about yourself. Try to understand your feelings, since these days we create a lot of distractions. The feelings should come directly from your heart, and you have to be really confident about them.

Learn About Her

You have to know whether you have a clean pitch or not. By that I mean, if she’s committed or not. If you discover her to be committed, then immediately take a step back. There’s no point in pursuing someone who is already committed. Learn if she likes someone else or don’t want to get in a relationship.

Talk and Talk

Before expressing your feelings, you have to engage her in casual conversations. You have to become good friends and develop trust. Send her interesting content to engage her with you without many efforts. How to propose a girl on Chat / WhatsApp.

Getting Close

Now that you have built a good connection with her, it’s time to get to the next stage. Leave a nice message before sleeping, so it would be the first thing she read when she wakes up in the morning. You should also begin late-night conversations since they are more engaging. She won’t be having many distractions and will be more available for you. This is the best tip on How to Propose a Girl on Chat / Whatsaap.

Proposing Her

There’s no universal way of proposing a girl on Chat / WhatsApp. Firstly, you have to be really sure about your feelings for her. Then, think about each word that you are going to say to her. It should come directly from your heart.

Before expressing the whole thing, you can send her a voice note and tell her that you want her to listen to something important. This will bring great attention to you once she realises that it’s important. Wants to know more about How to propose a girl on Chat / WhatsApp? Stay Tuned.

The Exact Words

It is a private emotion, so most of the things should come from within yourself. You have to be real and reveal the true feeling. You can either call, send text, voice message, record video message, etc., to express the feeling. You can have the message by first telling her how you became friends and the time spent together. Then talk about the memories you have made with her and let her know how grateful you are for her presence in your life. Try to compliment her personality and thank her for everything in your life. She should know how important she is in your life. The message has to be very personalised. Old cliches are not going to work well. If you trust someone, they can help you out in drafting the exact words. However, the feelings should always remain yours in the message.

Accept and Don’t Force Her

At the end of the day, it’s up to her, no matter how many efforts you put. She might take some time to take the final decision on your proposal. You cannot force her to take an immediate decision; such things need time to think. If it is a rejection, you have you gracefully accept it and don’t do anything stupid. Try to understand her and don’t be harsh on her. This is really an amazing point, you should keep in mind while proposing a girl on Chat / WhatsApp.

Above are the Points on How to propose a girl on Chat / Whatsapp.

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