Okay, it’s the horrible Monday once again. You are tired of your job/school/college. Everything seems very irritating to you and you are unable to focus on anything due to stress. Don’t just suffer it’s time to find proper solutions to tackle this stress. Wait are you rushing to get some meds or drugs? If yes, stop right there! It’s your body and it’s not a joke. Today I’ve got you some of the proven methods to tackle your stress.

Throw away the gadgets

You may think that your mobile phone or your PC is the best way to pass your time. But you are completely wrong, it even increases your stress. So, you want to stress your eyes and brain by spending hours on the digital screen.

Have your favorite snack

It is true that food relaxes our mind and relates the mood levels. Go grab your favorite snack you like to relish on. It doesn’t matter whether it is unhealthy or not. Till it makes you feel better just enjoy it to the end. For this reason, you get your favorite burger, pizza, cola etc. to delight your mood. We have always heard the saying empty stomach is devil’s workshop

Go for a walk

Well, you might be a lazy ass but sometimes old ways are the best ways. Go outside and explore your surroundings, it might make you feel better. Nature’s beauty is always enough to make us forget our woes and troubles. It could be a normal walk or a jog, whatever suits you. But the thing is going out really works.

Talk to someone in person

Okay, when I say “talk to someone in person” I literally mean face to face conversation. This is really important as that someone might understand the real human emotion by interacting with you and help you out as well. It could be a colleague, classmate, friend, relative or anyone you trust. This is the most effective way to resolve stress issues as you get the assurance that someone is listening to your problems.

Write it down

It might be an old school idea but maintaining a journal or a diary is an effective way of expressing yourself without anyone letting it know. This really helps out when you don’t want to share your problems with the public and keep them private to yourself. The journal helps you release all the negative energy from you and keep them on the paper. I know this might not resolve the real problem but it really helps you tackle them.


Exercise is really important for a healthy body. Exercising regularly relives our body from harmful cramps and generates testosterone. Thus, get a gym subscription and pump the iron. This gives you the best chance to take off your frustration. On the bright side, you get a nice and toned body. It’s not a big thing to hit the gym So, don’t be scared and eat right to maintain a healthy life. Gym not only makes you physically stronger, it also makes you more confident than ever before.


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