Marriage is considered to be one of the most important events in our life. However, a pleasant honeymoon is more important to fix the bond between two love birds. Canada is a perfect gateway for the newlyweds. As this country is full of nature’s delight, whether you want to walk on the shore of the Atlantic or looking for a dip with your partner in the pacific. Canada is fully packed with stunning scenery, snow covered peaks, beautiful lakes, and wildlife. You can trek into the lavish mountains of Canada. Furthermore, Canada remains the favorite destination among the tourist due to its scenic beauty and cold weather. Its people are the nicest people you can find on earth. We have short listed some of the best destinations in Canada in no particular order.

Best destination in Canada to explore: 

  • Whitehorse, Yukon: 

Canada is also known as the “land of the midnight sun”. The Whitehorse, Yukon features some of the most breathtaking views of the Aurora Borealis. Therefore, it is the best place for adventure seekers across the world. You can hire local guides which offer complete guided tours of the region. In addition, they let to hike and explore the unexplored forests. Furthermore, Ice fishing, Skiing, snowboarding and horse riding are some the best activities that you can do with your partner. Mountain biking is the most famous adventure sport enjoyed by the tourists. Arguably, summers are the best time to visit this destination but winters have their own uniqueness.

  •  Quebec City: 

Famous as world heritage site by UNESCO. The Quebec City features all the old European charm and glory. As a result, you can spot some of the oldest architecture and historic sites in this city. In addition, you can take a tour of the most photographed hotel in the world; The Chateau Frontenac. Spending an evening in this city is the most delightful experience. Furthermore, St. Lawrence River adds mesmerizing beauty to the city. Singers and musicians often line up near the river to perform.

  • Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick: 

A perfect gateway from the daily life of a city. The Bay of Fundy is the perfect romantic gateway. You can take a tour of the region or walk on the ocean bed. In addition, this place offers some of the best Canadian seafood. You can also hire a cycle or a bike to further explore the town. Arguably The Bay of Fundy offers one of the best markets.

  • Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia: 

A small fishing village. Peggy’s Cove is surrounded by exquisite glacial rock formations. In addition, it is famous for its lighthouse built in 1868. You can witness stunning ocean views and picturesque landscape. The shores of the St. Margaret’s Bay offers the best sunset view you could ever imagine. If you are foodie then you can explore some of the best seafood in the local restaurants. However, If you want to spend a night then there are plenty of accommodations ranging from Inns, cottages, and resorts. Finally, after a night stay you can enjoy Peggy’s cove’s famous breakfast menu.

  •  Cape Breton: 

Cape Breton features poetry and beauty through its landscape. You can cycle through the coastal trails and enjoy some breathtaking views. Afterward, if you get tired then you can relax and go for some fishing in the Margaree River. Adventurers could go for a hike in Highland National Park or could go golfing. Meanwhile, a romantic evening consisting of the best seafood and breathtaking views is a must have experience. The sunrise in Cape Breton is the most stunning experience one could experience. In fact, you can clearly hear the waves of the ocean crashing into the cliffs.

  • Stratford, Ontario: 

If you take interest in art and culture then Stratford is must visit. The town organizes the world famous Stratford Festival. Accordingly, it is America’s largest classical theater. This theater features some of the finest works of Shakespeare and other great writers. You can also explore vibrant music and paintings apart from the theater. In addition, Stratford is surrounded by decent museums, galleries, spas and fine dining options.

  • Banff, Alberta:

 Located in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. Banff is a must visit for those wanting to cement everlasting memories with their partner. It offers various crystal clear lakes and exhilarating mountains. Foodies can enjoy some of the best local cuisines which are mainly based on seafood. Furthermore, you can relax on romantic hot springs in the famous Fairmount Banff Springs. Visit in the winters and enjoy skiing. On the other hand, visit in the summers and enjoy golf.

  • Tofino, British Columbia: 

Situated on the west coast of British Columbia. Tofino is a famous destination for summers. As this coastal town features some of the best beaches in the world. You can indulge yourself in the activities of Whale watching, hiking, hot springs, surfing, hot springs. Tofino is full of fun activities and sports. In addition, The Maquinna Marine Provincial Park is quite famous for its natural springs that can be explored by boating. You can find any kind of accommodation depending on your budget. In conclusion, Tofino is a perfect place to enjoy some of the most private and delightful memories of your life.



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