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If we consider the famous industrial revolution, then we also need to consider the rampant use of fossil fuel. Presently, almost every vehicle and machine is running on some sort of fossil fuel. We are even generating electricity by burning fossil fuels. The price of fossil fuel often fluctuates. However, the change in price also changes the price of other commodities. The majority of the automotive industry is relying on the blessings of fossil fuels.

What is fossil fuel?

Just like the name, Fossil fuel are the remains of dead plants and animals. However, this transformation process takes millions of years to complete. Moreover, there are three types of fuels; natural gas, coal and petroleum. The majority of the countries are relying upon these fuel to generate electricity. The industrial revolution was the major period when their first use starts. However, burning fossil fuel causes pollution in the environment. Additionally, fossil fuels are non-renewable in nature. It really takes millions of years to create a lot of fossil fuel.

Different types of fossil fuels

Oil: This is perhaps the most used form of fossil fuel. The majority of automobiles consumes petroleum to propel themselves. Petroleum is formed on the bed of Ocean. The dead animals and plants gets decompose in the soil. Ultimately, transforming them into petroleum.

Coal: Coal has been one of the oldest form that we are still using. Today also coal is used to produce electricity in some countries. The formation of coal takes place in heavy vegetation. This process also takes millions of years to produce coal. However, that vegetation must be buried under high pressure and remain entirely separated from erosion.

Natural Gas: The formation process is very similar to formation of petroleum. Natural gas comes from natural underground deposits just like oil. In the recent times natural gases are more reliable than traditional oil.

So what are the disadvantages of Fossil fuels?

  • Nonrenewable nature

Every form of fossil fuel takes millions of years to form. Therefore, they are nonrenewable in nature. Scientists have been predicting that we only have 50 more years to run out of fossil fuels. Presently, the demand is endless but the supply is very limited.

  • Causing damage to the environment

Our world is in the constant threat of problems like Global warming and Ozone layer depletion. To add more problems, we got the fossil fuels. Even a school kid is aware of the fact that burning fossil causes pollution to the environment. While burning the fossil fuels we are creating harmful carbon di oxide which pollutes the environment. All of this is continuously increasing the temperature of our planet. Ultimately, melting our ice caps and raising the sea level as well.

  • Can cause deadly disasters

Any accident involving fossil fuels is generally very destructive. Like explosion of oil barrel or oil spill over the sea. Additionally, oil spills over the sea can seriously damage the flora and fauna of water bodies. Cleaning oil spills out the sea is also very difficult and expensive.

  • The price fluctuations can change economies

Well, presently the Arab holds the domination over the oil industry. For this reason, they often fluctuate the price at an international level. You can witness this price changes mostly in the developing nations. However, as we know that entire transportation system relies on fossil prices. So the prices of other goods and commodities also tend to change with inflation in oil prices. Therefore, a small price change in oil change shape the prices of other things as well. In this case, the Arab world is notorious in regulating the oil prices.


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