These are the Facts about The Empire State Building which may give you information about this iconic building. The Empire State Building stands as a 103-skyscraper which situated in Manhattan in New York City. To be precise It’s at the main intersection of the Fifth Avenue and West 3th Street. The name is taken from the New York’s nickname, the Empire State. Then the building which situated in New York was named as Empire State Building. Finally, you should read the following facts about The Empire State Building to get a better understanding.

Facts 1 : Used to be Tallest Building

It was the world tallest building for 40 years long before any other tall building was built. The tallest building competition was starting in the late 1970. After the World Trade Center attack, it came to be the tallest building again.

Facts 2 : American Culture Icon

This buidling came to be symbol of American culture icon. Its design applies to be of distinctive Art Deco style. This iconic building was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Facts 3 : Development

Its design remarks the landmarks of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. While the landmark confirmed by the New York City Board of Estimate. Then, in 1986 it became a National Historic Landmark. While in 2007, it also first ranked of the America’s Favorite Architecture on the AIA’s list.

Facts 4 : Owner

The Empire State Building is currently owned by the Empire State Realty Trust. Anthony Malkin is the Chairman, CEO and President of this building. However, he uses it for public but not as the public’s inventory.

Facts 5 : Opening

The opening of this building was during the same time of the Great Depression in United States. Although in its opening there was still some problems. For example, it was located in poor location on 34th street. As it was far from any public transportation, so it was hard to access by public.

Facts 6 : Plane Crash

In 1945, a plane crashed straight into this building. That crash took place in the north of the building between 79th and 80th floors. Above all, this incident happened because B-25 Mitchel l While bomber makes piloted in thick fog. Then the crash actually occurred.

Facts 7 : Attempt Suicide

We know that the tall buildings are sometimes used for the wrong actions. Mainly for suicide. The First suicide took place even before the building was completely finished. Then, after few years, it is calculated that more than thirty suicide attempt took place in this building by jumping from the top into the land.

Facts 8 : Interior

This building rises to 1,250 ft (381 m) along with 102nd floors. While the pinnacle is 203 ft (62 m). Presently, it has 73 elevators in total, then the Deco Art are entirely reflected by this building. The elevators system very fast, that in less than one minute, visitor can go up into 80th floor. Lastly, on 80th floor, the observation decks are situated.

Facts 9 : Above the 102nd floor

On the 102nd floor, you will find a door with the ascending stairs upwards, it goes into the 103th floor. This stairs is the best way to go into the spire.

Facts 10 : Culture

This building has various effects on cultures. For example, the films, television shows, literature, etc. The famous film that used this building as their set is King Kong. Ultimately, this film makes the popularity of the Empire State Building go to the sky.

Those were the following Facts about The Empire State Building. I hope that these facts will give you new information about the empire state building.



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