Common myths about Smartphone batteries
  • You must not charge your device overnight

Presently, the modern devices today are capable to protect themselves from overcharging or overheating. However, here is the other part of this myth if you want to extend the battery life of your phone to the max. You shouldn’t charge your phone to 100 percent neither drain its battery to zero percent. As doing so will definitely decrease the life of your battery. Now if you ask me, do I do it? No, I have an active life, I just charge it and just don’t worry about my phone. It’s really not that huge deal unless you are thinking to use your battery or the device for the next 4-5 years. In other case, you’ll never encounter a problem.

  •  Don’t use your device while it’s charging

This myth is really in the news by reports of phones exploding up in someone’s hand or face while they were using it or charging at the same time. However, this can happen in exceptional cases, not just because you are charging while using it. Above all, it is recommended that you always use the original batteries in your device.

  • You shouldn’t use third party chargers

Well, you should be aware that there are some robust and reliable 3rd party chargers out there. But it is a general theory that the 3rd party chargers won’t charge as well or as fast as the proprietary chargers. Additionally, be careful about the charging capacity of the charger is consistent with the needs of your phone. Sometimes there could be a mismatch and which could result in problems. Moreover, the other issue with some 3rd party chargers is their quality issue. You may have a wire that’s frayed or frays very easily and you have a whole fire hazard. Therefore, you must be careful with that just do your basic diligence check and reviews. Furthermore, do research so that you could find a very good quality 3rd party charger.

  • It won’t hurt the device to leave it in a car or exposed to elements

Alright, this appears painfully obvious but clearly an issue to few people. You do not want to leave your device in a car exposing it to extreme temperatures. Whether it’s extreme cold or extremely warm. Obviously, you shouldn’t allow any rain or even condensation to get in the device. Because over time it may short out the electronics in the phone and you should be careful with that. In case, if you want to keep your phone in the car in a very hot sunny day. Then keep it under the seat or under some cover where it is not exposed to the sun otherwise, it may not survive it.

  • You have to drain your battery into zero percent if you can charge it again

Well it seems that this myth has the origin from old rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA). However, you really need to drain them before you can recharge them again. Sadly, doing the opposite will lessen the capacity of that battery’s charge. Presently, batteries have been evolving so it’s not an issue anymore. Therefore, you don’t need to drain your battery to zero percent before you charge it again. On the contrary, you must avoid draining your device to zero percent as much as reasonably possible.

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