• The French gave up without any fighting against the Germans at all: 

We’ve all know the jokes about France over decades. French Resistance, isn’t that an oxymoron? Wrong, they fought tough, and they fought with courage. Yes, they had to surrender after only a few months of the world war. But it had more to do with the German army’s deadly Blitzkrieg approach. They came in hard, and very fast, destroying everything in their path. Along with this came very poor leadership on the French side.

Additionally, terrible tactics, bad logistics, and a policy about fighting a defensive war. All of this results in French being overwhelmed in only half a year of fighting. They suffered loss as a result. Above all, France was facing 100,000 of French casualties in the first few months of war. While their army also caused over 150,000 casualties on the German side. Therefore, they didn’t just give up. They fought as hard as Possible. So, they should be proud.

  • Adolf Hitler was elected as Leader of the Nazi Party by only a margin of a single vote:

This is an old myth that has been bounced around by folks wanting you to vote, and saying you that your vote counts. If only two other people had voted against Hitler, then the Second World War wouldn’t have occurred. However, yes, your vote really counts. And you should definately vote. But, Hitler winning the Leadership contest by a single vote is untrue. In fact, he was elected with a remarkable huge margin. It was almost 533 to 1.

  • When France surrendered in response Adolf Hitler danced a jig:

It was captured on camera, which definitely proves he did it. However, not so much, nope. Hitler may have been jigging in private. In fact, he may indeed have had his top generals watch performances inside his secret bunker. However, it’s not true that he danced the jig when France declared their surrender. In fact, Hitler was so astonished by their complete surrender, that he stepped back, that was caught on camera. This seemed to look like him making jiggy with it. So, that’s how the Allied propaganda machine conveys it to the masses.

  • President Roosevelt knew that Japan was going to attack the Pearl Harbour:

 He let it happen. It was the attack that forced America into World War 2. Before that they were only helping behind the scenes. Mainly lending Britain money and weapons, for example, but did very little of war fighting. The American public weren’t interested on getting involved in the war. As it wasn’t their war, after all. On the other hand, Roosevelt, thought that America should help its allies, but he lacked public support. So, when he found out what the Japanese were about to do. He let that happen, knowing the American public would be so helpless they’d allow him to enter the war. It’s all an complete conspiracy.

Those days the Americans did have RADAR. But it was new, while operators weren’t trained. They were able to detect the approaching planes, but didn’t know what they were peeking at. Their radio communication was haphazard at best. And the passing on of their information and constant warnings didn’t get further up the chain of command in time to do anything. Japan actually declare war against America prior to the Pearl Harbour massacre. But that to only by 30 minutes. And it was in Japanese language. Along with a 5000 word document that needed to be translated. As if you can prepare for war in only half an hour. And actually know what you’re preparing for. It was a sneak attack and, although there could have been better preparations, it couldn’t have been prevented.

  • Eating carrots will help you see in the dark: 

The myth still exists today, and is conveyed to children all around the world. However, it is just a myth, and there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. This was actually a myth started by the British Ministry of Information in World War II. In fact, this was a method of boosting morale and to make the British public feel like they were helping in the war. With effort by growing more carrots and sending them to British fighter pilots to assist them during night bombing raids. This was also used to get children to consume healthier options, rather than sweets, which were strictly rationed.



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