Most often, people opt for a strict diet with selected ingredients for losing weight. We can say that there is a kind of mindset prevalent among us that to lose fat the daily diet needs to be thoroughly changed with healthy superfoods. However, this is not the only option. If you are someone who cannot completely transform your daily diet but ready to make small alterations, you have many choices to eat. You can enjoy delightful food and yet lose your fat. so the list of Common foods that can help you in reducing weight naturally and quickly.

For losing weight we need to reduce calories intake. Hereby you are being offered the list of some foods that can really help you in creating a calorie deficit. Calories deficit means more calories should be burnt than the calories consumed. The below-mentioned foods are commonly found in almost every kitchen. You might be ignorant of their benefits, go through the article to get to know how beneficiary they are for your health and ideal weight.

List of Common foods that can help you in reducing weight naturally and quickly.


As kids, everyone had been taught that green leafy vegetables are good for health. However, you should also know that green leafy vegetables are good for weight loss too. This particular vegetable is loaded nutrients like zinc, fiber, calcium, iron and protein. The spinach is rich in vitamins too. It contains VitaminA, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Above all, it is low in calories. It can be consumed in many ways such as it can be added in a salad or as a soup. As an add on the vegetable is good for digestive tract too as the fiber present in it fights constipation.


A daily diet should include something that can maintain the level of sugar in the blood. This is important because higher sugar levels increase hunger and the body is not able to convert the food consumed in the state of high sugar level in energy. Thus the food you will eat will make you fat.
Almond’ aids in keeping a balanced sugar level. They contain omega3, omega6 and omega9. They are loaded with other nutrients like magnesium, Vitamin E and antioxidants which makes it able to help in maintaining the blood flow.common foods that can help you in reducing weight naturally and quickly


This relished spice is rich in bioactive compounds which makes it able to be used in medicines and cosmetics apart from cooking this spice is beneficial for losing weight too.
It promotes the process of thermogenesis that is responsible for weight loss. The curcumin present in the spice turns the white adipose sugar in of the body brown which promotes weight loss. Common foods that can help you in reducing weight naturally and quickly.


Garlic can be called a wonder food. It is a superb appetite controller and hence it can make you feel full for a long time. You will not eat unnecessarily and consume fewer calories. In this way, it helps you in balancing your weight. Garlic is really beneficial for weight reduction however apart from this, it has many other qualities too. It helps immensely in maintaining cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and high blood pressure levels. Also, they protect the body from diabetes, respiratory issues and cardiovascular problems. You must add this to your diet as only a healthy body can maintain your ideal shape and weight.


In recent years Olive oil has emerged as one of the best options for cooking. It is loaded with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. There are healthy fats present in the oil which makes you feel full for a longer time and ultimately consume fewer calories. It can help you in getting an overall healthy self and hence a fit body. As it contains anti-inflammatory properties, it can balance the blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes type2. Olive oil has every quality for which it can get all praises. Don’t delay to replace your cooking oil.

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Bananas are fattening! You might be thinking if they are fattening then what are they doing here on this list. Let me clear the confusion. There is myth prevalent among many people that bananas add to their fat. However, in reality, bananas are not the culprits as they have high fiber content which makes them able to help in reducing weight. They are aptly called powerhouse of energy as they are rich in antioxidants, natural sugar and healthy carbs. They do not increase the blood sugar levels instantly and they are low in fats. These are the reasons for which bananas are used by athletes and advised by gym trainers. The poor fruit is neglected only because of myths. Common foods that can help you in reducing weight naturally and quickly.


Ever thought that tomatoes can aid your weight reducing campaign? Well, they can. The tomatoes that are consumed frequently in almost every kitchen and they are among one of the best kitchen ingredients that can help in weight reduction. They are low in calories and maintain the levels of blood sugar. Along with this, they release a hormone which helps in keeping you full for a long time, and hence tomatoes are effortlessly able to control overeating. The tomatoes are detoxifiers and boost the energy level. They reduce cholesterol too.


Eggs can be called the best thing to be included in the diet of weight watchers. The best part of consuming eggs is that they keep your stomach full for a longer period as they are rich in protein, this results in no overeating and ultimately in no extra fats. Apart from this eggs are loaded with nutrients. Some prefer to eat the egg whites and some prefer the yolk. Both have their own qualities, however eating the whole one is okay too. It will not cause you any harm. Egg white has fewer calories and fats whereas yolk is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.


Most people don’t like to eat the bitter-tasting vegetable and avoid it, maybe lesser they have known about making it in the right way because if the bitter gourds will be cooked in some certain ways they won’t taste bitter to the tongue and one can get the benefits of its nutritional qualities. They are about 90℅water and very low in calories thus they can balance the calories intake in your body. They are packed with varied nutrients like magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, vitamin, folate and phosphorus.


You might have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is undoubtedly true however apples are capable of doing much more than keeping you healthy. Yes! They can help you in getting your dream weight too. On an average, an apple contains about 4gm of fibre, which feeds the healthy bacteria present in the gut. it improves metabolism and helps in reducing extra kilos. Apples are immensely beneficial for keeping the digestive tract healthy too. reducing weight naturally and quickly.

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