Best tourist attractions in Mexico & Best Places to visit in Mexico

Best tourist attractions in Mexico: In recent years, Mexico has become extremely popular among tourists across the world. Tourists visit here in the hope to enjoy endless sunshine, beautiful sand beaches, stunning scenery along with rich cultural heritage. Various monuments in Mexico has been given the title of world heritage site by UNESCO.  The city is full of rich culture, a mix of native people along with some colonial influences from Spain. Lastly, it is also well known for its cuisine, vibrant music and dance traditions. So, without further a due let’s know some Best Places to visit in Mexico.

Best tourist attractions in Mexico & Best Places to visit in Mexico

  • Cancun and the Mayan Riviera:

    Located along a wonderful stretch of coastline is a perfect resort destination. This astounding area on the extreme end of the Yucatan Peninsula attracts about five million tourists every year from all over the world. It is believed that this place alone generated about 20 per cent of Mexico’s total revenues. The beach provides scenic views with crystal clear water.  The area organizes various activities such as Snorkeling among coral reefs, tropical, scuba diving, dolphin and stingray swims. World’s largest underwater museum is also located here which houses a collection of sculptures which are submersed at depths of eight meters. This region has the last remnants of the Ancient Mayan civilization.

  • Puerto Vallarta:

    Another popular beach destination in Mexico, often famous as just Vallarta. Many parts near this beach remain untouched by modernization. It became extremely popular when after the second world war foreigners were looking for second homes in a warmer climate. The travellers now days sail on cruise ships and look for dolphins with their binoculars. Paragliding and jet-skiing are major adventure activities.  The city also houses various shops for arts and craft.

  • Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos Corridor:

    Located on the southern tip of Baja Peninsula, also famous as Cabo. It is famous as one of the top beach destinations. While the stretch spreads over 30km. Activities like diving, snorkelling and fishing are the major activities here. Various resorts offer all kind of tastes and budgets, from exquisite spas to golf courses. Additionally, El Arco de Cabo San Lucas is a huge archway emerging from the coastline where the sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

  • Copper Canyon:

    This canyon shares the border with New Mexico in the US, also known as Mexico’s Grand Canyon. It is one of the most visited natural attractions, consisting of a magnificent group of deep canyons. This canyon is even deeper than the famous Grand Canyon. Presently, there are multiple options to explore this beauty, from trekking, biking to rail trips or even horse riding.

  • Mexico City’s Historic Center:

    It is the capital of the country. There are numerous world-class museums, art galleries and attractions. The city centre is a world heritage site which has an area of 15 square kilometres. There are over 1400 important colonial buildings from 16th to 19th The constitution square is the home to National palace, The Metropolitan Cathedral and Templo Mayor. Best tourist attractions in Mexico.

  • The Mayan Metropolis:

    it is one of the best archaeological sites in Mexico. El Castillio is a massive pyramid of Kukulkan at 30 meters high (Site’s tallest structure). Caracol is a 1000-year-old observatory defines how advanced Mayans were. There are various statues under the site example statues of popular Mayan Chacmools grabbing their sacrificial vessels as they continue to protect various mighty old temples.

  • Guanajuato:

    Famous for its old colonial buildings, narrow alleys is a UNESCO world heritage site. Jardin de la Union is the city centre famous for its beautiful architecture. Above all, San Diego Church and Juarez Theater are some famous places to visit. Guanajuato is the home to many fine galleries as well as interesting museums. Museum of Quixote dedicates itself to famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes.

  • Ancient Fortress of Tulum:

    This fortress is located at Yucatan Peninsula. Tulum fortress is well preserved and can be seen for miles around due to its location. The tall structure of the fortress suggests military and religious significance together. Finally, Castillo is the site’s largest building.

  • Guadalajara:

    It is famous for its broad avenues which have been covering by old buildings and picturesque parks. Guadalajara is the peak of the real traditional Mexican culture. Accordingly, various festivals have been organizing with activities of dancing, singing and plenty of good food. Best Places to visit in Mexico.

  • Yucatan’s White:

    It is one of the finest old cities in Mexico. Established in 1542 by the Spanish, is well known for its numerous parks and old buildings. Additionally, European influences can be observed mainly in the old city squares and plazas. Accordingly, you can discover French architecture in the buildings.

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