India is definitely a diverse country which holds various rich climatic conditions, flora and fauna. Therefore, you can’t simply blame the high rate of tourism industry calling on the country of variety. In fact, you might as well visit some of the exotic spots in India. India has a vast expanse of mountains. The Himalayan range is famous as one of the most beautiful mountain range in world. Well, here you go! These are the best mountaineering spots to visit in India.


The exotic beauty at its peak, Ladakh undoubtedly remains the best spot for hiking in India. It consists of the Himalayan, Stok and karakoram mountain ranges. Above all, Ladakh throws a wide variety of choices for hiking enthusiasts to explore. The mountain peak nun, popularly famous as the “king of all climbs” and Kangyatse peak stands at their best. Mainly, furnishing difficult climb for trekkers ultimately resulting in satisfaction of a life time with the jaw dropping top view. Trekking here usually involves challenging maneuvers. However, taking the risk is really worth it just because of the beautiful peaks from the top.

Himachal Pradesh:

Chill… You must be thinking about Shimla. Aaah! Trust me, not everyone is just here to enjoy the climate but to experience once in life moment. The real love for rock climbing combined with mountaineering serves at its best, in the dangerous narrow paths and hilly terrains. Manali! Yay! This is the best spot for y’all mountaineer people to have some quality time. We still have some untouched spots left over there. But don’t we all love to make histories and have our names engraved in the hall of fame?


I’ll never forget you… Yes, you read it absolutely right. The entire composure of dagerous ranges, isolated by cavernous canyons in the Garhwal region will make you astonished. And they can’t be forgotten that easily. The highest peak is the famous Nanda Devi throws high difficulty in hiking. The other region famous for its largest Himalayan tract is Kumaon with around thirty lofty mountains to explore. The trekkers visiting Kumaon region would definitely get the best of both worlds. The enthusiasm for expedition and trekking can be fulfilled once you visit it.


As per the research, the area is highly unsuitable for agriculture purposes. But, undoubtedly it is a utopia for the trekkers. The very presence of the third highest mountain, kangchenchunga makes it even more exciting for the hiking enthusiasts. Peaks like Simvo and Siniolchu are surely have their ways of pumping adrenaline to the climbers. Finally, mountains like Thingchinkhang and Mt. Jopuno are the most suitable for trekking.

Arunachal Pradesh:

The land of rising sun never fails to astonish its visitors with its exotic beauty. But it is also the perfect spot for adventure lovers to explore beyond. Popularly famous as the “Land of dawn-lit mountainous”, this region is covered by the Shivalik ranges and consists of Skyscraping Mountains and snow bedaubed slopes to enchant the itinerants. As a beginner in the field of mountaineering, you don’t need to fear. Above all, Arunachal Pradesh has various multiple institutes for novices to improve their skills in mountaineering.



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